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12-10-13, 07:28 AM
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Based on Elwood et al, PLoS One.

Crisis over 'modern plague'
5 key components of a healthy lifestyle can ward off ... dementia ... the 35 year study found.
Only 1% of the population have all 5 healthy habits ... ...
... regular exercise, eating fruit and veg, staying slim, light drinking, no smoking' ... ...
60% less likely to suffer cognitive decline/dementia with only 4 of 5 ... ...
Now slightly contrary to the study yesterday - exercise elevates up to higher importance.

All well and good - except for one other factor, which will always be underestimated in a study undertaken in the Western style world (where money exists) - because all people living in a Western-style environment are exposed:
Psychosocial stress at work is associated with increased dementia risk in late life. (

They look at 1 angle on psychosocial stress
- but it's not possible to nail the importance without choosing a control group from a place without money and social hierarchy
eg Mount Athos.

Where there is no dementia/Alzheimer's and the rest ... and monks live long healthy lives.

Equality first and foremost
- the rest'll then simply slot into place.

Equality means unconditional access to basic survival requirements through contributing personal effort.

12-10-13, 09:49 AM
Healthy Lifestyles Reduce the Incidence of Chronic Diseases and Dementia (

Healthy lifestyles based on non-smoking, an acceptable BMI, a high fruit and vegetable intake, regular physical activity, and low/moderate alcohol intake, are associated with reductions in the incidence of certain chronic diseases, but to date there is limited evidence on cognitive function and dementia.
And now there is.


A healthy lifestyle is associated with increased disease-free survival and reduced cognitive impairment but the uptake remains low.

12-10-13, 10:07 AM
‘And now let doctors quit the centre stage
To usher in the prophylactic age’

From: ‘Superfluous Doctors’ in: Poems from a Prisoner of War Camp
AL Cochrane 1942


Epidemiologist 1 Rest of academia 0

12-10-13, 10:11 AM

There's nothing actually wrong with us.
ALL disease is of our own doing - through the DIstressful society we create.

Equality (defined sufficiently above) and all of the diseases which're wiping us out prematurely ~go~ away.

12-10-13, 11:21 AM
The major and most obvious flaw in this study is the same as with the Mount Athos example lack of diversity. The study did not include females nor was there mention of diverse ethnicity among the male population studied - If diversity causes me to go crazy and die young so be it.

What is good for the goose {all white males} is not necessarily good for the gander {females, ethnicity diverse males}