View Full Version : Has anyone heard of or tried addrena?

12-10-13, 02:21 PM
It's labeled and known as 'an alternate to adderall.'

I know it's not the same thing and I know it won't work the same way, but I was wondering if anyone has used it before or know of someone that has?

Also, I was wondering on your thoughts of using this as maybe a supplement to take a long with adderall or/and just to use it on adderall break days?

12-10-13, 02:23 PM

Don't know if I can post off forum links, but this is a breakdown of it.

12-11-13, 04:11 AM
I would be VERY careful to avoid it or anything similar. It is trying to mimic some of Adderall's effects by other methods, and that has the potential to be unsafe for you in terms of side effects.

12-11-13, 05:40 AM
I was just wondering because it was mostly vitamins or supplements. I know it isn't like adderall at all in the makeup aspect, but I was wondering if the effects would be beneficial for days that I did to ant to take adderall.

Some break days for me are very hard because I find myself wanting to do nothing at all, and very scattered or husband gets frustrated and just usually wants to sit around and do nothing because doing anything is sometimes a hassle. I'm either loud, scattered or non interested.
Going somewhere takes forever. Non medicated I can get up at 7a.m. And take until 9 to even start getting ready. Then get ready and done at 10:30 a.m....Then out the door by 11 or sometimes later. Whether it's shopping or errands or something fun, I make it disorganized and an irritation.

We usually get stressed and start arguing (usually during the stimulus overload times) during me getting ready and out the door, or trying to park and get directionally/ gameplay situated. And them having new situations or unfamiliar crowds, required organized thought (grocery shopping or getting to event, finding parking,and finding seat) make me stressed and irritable. Then the overload of too much makes me just want to go home or retreat.

I get overloaded with too much crowd and noise and unorganized flow...random walking into shops or roads, or activities...I can't decipher all that is going on And cancel out every thing that is being directed at my we usually don't go anywhere when I don't take meds. Which is any day I don't have a mandatory routine to follow. (Like school or chores or errands...)
So I was wondering about supplements to maybe help with my down days....

12-11-13, 05:43 AM
Leeleebug, thanks for the link. Sorry, I know you were asking for opinion from people who've actually tried it, and I haven't, but I feel like chiming in anyway because I've been curious about nootropics and have been reading a little about them lately.

Nootropics are fascinating, but I'm wary because they involve high concentrations of substances that act directly or nearly directly on the brain, affecting neurological functions that shouldn't be mucked around with lightly. Even though you can get them without a prescription and they're "natural," my feeling is that they're powerful substances that could potentially make matters worse rather than better if you don't fully understand their action. I'd be even more cautious about stacks (combinations of several different nootropics) if you're not already familiar with the individual nootropics.

Some sensible advice I've seen about getting started with nootropics (if you must) is to start with a single substance, and only make one change at a time (increasing dose or adding to the stack) with a meaningful interval between changes, and keeping good notes about the effects. This might be OK for someone starting out with good neurological and mental health, and a temperament for working methodically, but for someone whose brain already doesn't work quite right, or someone impulsive, I could imagine it turning out quite badly. (Hence, I concluded this is not a good project for me at this time. For now, I'm sticking to nail art.)

What I found interesting was the review you linked said that it was good for energy and appetite suppression, but for focus, not so much. So it sounds to me like it's really not much better than caffeine, guarana or ephedrine alone, in that regard. In fact, both caffeine and guarana are listed in the ingredients, so there you go.

I definitely would not take this product in addition to your regular prescription stimulants, because of the caffeine and guarana.

Is there a concrete problem you're trying to solve at this point or is this just curiosity? Are you feeling like Adderall isn't working well enough for you? Have you been prescribed break days yet?

12-11-13, 07:35 AM
Basically I have heard that break days are normal to have (by my psychiatrist) and that I can have breaks some days. But the days I don't feel like being all medicated and I don't take them, my husband still sees that it's hard to have a fulfilling day with me. So I was trying to find a way to get an amphetamine break and to still stay motivated and focused a little.

I guess I am starting to just realize how much I don't like myself very much unmedicated.....and how well everything flows when I am medicated. But I would still like to take days to let my body recoop because I sometimes feel like after a week of meds that I need to rest on them. I almost Get tired of being focused and want to just eff off and play/be lazy.

12-11-13, 07:58 AM
Ah, I see you answered my questions right before I posted them.

How do you do with tea? Not coffee, but tea? I take break days or skip a dose whenever I feel like I'm having a **** day anyway, no use wasting perfectly good medication, but if I had to take a break day otherwise, I'd drink tea, a lot of it. It has caffeine for the stimulant plus some other goodies (like theanine) that work in synergy with the caffeine and keep you from getting too jittery even if you drink quite a bit of it.

Here's an article I enjoyed about the psychoactive properties of tea.

12-11-13, 09:29 AM
For me, adhd affects me 7 days a week, all day. I have to take medication everyday to treat it.

12-11-13, 09:43 AM
Thanks purpletoes! I have been taking supplements and such, but not the teas. I should try that. I also could probably drink some coffee....I used to drink it EVERYDAY and until after noon most was my only crutch. I started meds two months ago and just stopped drinking coffee.

I think I am going to try drinking coffee on off days! Never thought of it I was my only tool to cope back in the day so I guess it couldn't hurt to take up a cup or two on break days :D

12-11-13, 01:31 PM
There's nothing wrong with having coffee if it doesn't bother you. But check for lingering side effects. Coffee can sometimes make you think your medication is causing problems when really it was the coffee itself.

12-11-13, 02:00 PM
Thanks purpletoes! I have been taking supplements and such, but not the teas. I should try that. I also could probably drink some coffee....I used to drink it EVERYDAY and until after noon most was my only crutch. I started meds two months ago and just stopped drinking coffee.

I think I am going to try drinking coffee on off days! Never thought of it I was my only tool to cope back in the day so I guess it couldn't hurt to take up a cup or two on break days :D

Oh but Leeleebug, not coffee, TEA. Black tea, green tea, any kind of true tea made from tea plant, not herbal teas. The theanine and EGCG in tea balance the caffeine in a way that should improve focus better than caffeine alone, while mitigating some of the sleep-disrupting effects of the caffeine many hours later. Coffee contains its own, different goodies, but none of the calming components that tea has, and since you haven't been drinking it lately, there's more of a chance of it messing up your sleep, and then your real ADHD meds not working as well the next day. Tea typically contains less caffeine than coffee, so probably you'll need more of it, or need to brew it stronger to get an effective dose of caffeine. So no need to think of tea as coffee's weaker little brother. It's more like coffee's smarter little brother.

I'm not so much down on coffee as sold on the advantages of tea. I still love coffee but only drink good quality decaf, and ever since learning about the magical powers of theanine, I prefer to take caffeine in the form of tea. I even bought some L-theanine from a reliable source to try in doses comparable to what you'd consume in tea; with coffee, or by itself (not really by itself, but with my dextromphetamine).

04-05-14, 09:41 PM
What mg did you take the L-Theanine? I am just curious as it works for me but was thinking about raising the dose.

10-19-14, 02:43 PM
Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

09-13-16, 04:04 PM
I have to be treated for adhd every day of the week. I don't need stimulant medication every day of the week.

I take an NRI that has some similarities to strattera that helps me enough that I can do basic chores around the house and get more out of liesure activities and even drive a long time through rush hour without drinking a pitcher of coffee and being on the edge of my seat. It's not enough for work or reading through something boring but necessary to read, but it helps a lot.

I'm also heard of wellbutrin being used this way.

Talk to your doctor is my advice. What I said above are maybe some topics you want to bring up with him/her.

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