View Full Version : Adderall and OCD

12-10-13, 11:54 PM
Just an observation.

I'm moderately OCD. Like the volume on the TV has to be at an even number or a number dividable by 5. If not, don't think I can pay attention. Same goes for counting. So if there is an odd number of tiles on the ceiling, they better be even! ;)

It's nothing so bad that I take anything for it, but I noticed when I started taking adderall that, while these "itches" didn't go away. I cared less about them.

I wasn't having such a hard time focusing at work or in class that I was counting the ceiling tiles, and if I did, I was able to sort-of "will" my way out of caring so much.
I think it's due to the increased patience I have when on adderall.

I don't know, just thought I'd share. Anyone else experience a little relief in their OCD behaviors when on adderall?

12-11-13, 09:14 AM
Yes! Adderall has been a savior for me in many ways. My ADHD and OCD had manifested itself in compulsive shopping and got me and my family in a really bad spot.

It has really helped me to work on the impulsive behaviors that would contribute to my random, needless and excessive spending. The OCD is still present but I find I am able to attempt to deal with it way better than before being treated.

The scary part for me is that when my medicine wears off, those old behaviors/thoughts start creeping back.

I am accepting that this is a medicine I will need indefinitely and I hope that it is possible for me to remain on it as I do not want to go back to that place- we are still picking up the pieces and now I feel my children are suffering because of the financial mess I made.