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12-12-13, 03:15 PM
Since my teens I've been a party animal. Going out 4 days a week was normal. The last couple years it really effected my school and life in general. Wasted so much time. Eventually I figured out something was wrong with me and got tested for ADHD. Got my medication and things went better.

Finally a couple months ago I forced myself to completely stop drinking, smoking and partying. It al went pretty well. Didn't smoke for a half year :)

But my Ritalin medication didn't work so good after that. I thought it would go over. Hell what was I wrong. Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore. Sitting in school and Ritalin not working I smoked a cigarette out of stress.

Kaboem Ritalin just started to work again. I had my concentration back.
My mind is sharp, I'm sociable, everything what I like about myself is back :cool:

And now I'm kind of sad :( I have to smoke cigarettes to let my medication work. Besides that nicotine is causing me to want to go socializing with people. Unfortunately I know myself, if I go out, I start drinking again in excess and again I will mess up my life.

On moments like this I just want to go crazy. I hate this.

Thnx for reading and remember your not alone

12-12-13, 03:25 PM
Do you think you can succeed at smoking and socializing but not drinking?

12-12-13, 03:44 PM
It so difficult. Every time I go out all my friends are drinking plus it also makes me more relaxed/funny. Guess it's a battle I have to keep on fighting every time. Just to keep mr Hyde at control.

ana futura
12-12-13, 06:02 PM
Nicotine has been shown to alleviate ADHD symptoms in many studies. It's possible that nicotine is treating an aspect of your ADHD that medication doesn't.

I also find that nicotine and ADHD meds work very week together.

But here's the thing- there's nothing special about cigarettes. What's helping you out here is nicotine, pure and simple. There's a lot of different ways you can get nicotine that don't involve smoking.

I also suspect that what makes you want to drink and socialize has less to do with nicotine, and more to do with past associations. You associate drinking and socializing with smoking, because you've always done those things together. It's a cultural thing, you go out and drink and smoke. We're trained to do it. Rather than trying to train yourself out of it, why not look for a source of nicotine that you have no other associations with. This will be much healthier for you as well.

I actually don't smoke, but I do chew nicotine gum, solely for the purpose of giving my meds a boost, or for doing something that requires focus when I don't feel like taking my meds. If I were you, I would get a pack of gum, or get a patch, and see how that goes. That way you can get the nicotine without exposing yourself to carcinogens and hopefully without triggering the behaviors you associate with smoking.

12-12-13, 06:32 PM
Nicotine gum works better at delivering nicotine than cigarettes. Give it a chew and see how you feel.

12-12-13, 06:53 PM
Ending up with more-effective medication but being frequently drunk (and also out the money for cigarettes and drinks) wouldn't really be worth it.

Maybe in your old situation "socializing" meant socializing with one exact group of people, a group for whom drinking was a major pastime. You might need new people to socialize with. This quickly gets more complicated than going for a smoke. :(