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12-13-13, 08:22 PM
Am I the only weirdo who can't feel the stimulants working while on SSRI?

I've been through them all, the worst was Prozac which turned me into a fat zombie.

Now I'm on Celexa 10mg and first few days were great, however now the all familiar scenario is happening again - I'm tired...don't feel like doing anything...especially exercise which I used to enjoy very much before subjecting myself to yet another SSRI experiment.

I can take 45 mg Dexedrine in a day and not feel a thing. Just this head pressure and laziness. I've tried to stop taking it but got really sick so resumed and now on 5 mg.

12-13-13, 08:35 PM
I don't actually "feel" the adderall working, but I can definitely tell when I don't take it.

I'm on zoloft for my social anxiety. I tried paxil once, for about 3 days, but all I did was stare at the tv & drool on myself. I had gone to my GP for Chronic Fatigue, but because of a past depression DX, he put me on the paxil. I didn't know at the time that SSRIs worked on anxiety too & I hadn't been formally DXed with the anxiety.

12-16-13, 01:10 AM
4runner ssris aren't good with adhd , celexa and Prozac. , Effexor help blunt anxiety for social fear . It's an issue! I would say they allake you tired except cymbalta at 30-60 mg . Or Effexor that's not bad but they all do that . It's the main reason I don't take them, but I know they work

12-16-13, 01:18 AM
Can't feel Adderall, but can see the results. Prozac is helpful for my OCD and anxiety.

We all respond differently...

12-16-13, 02:03 AM
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