View Full Version : Darn it! I threw clothes away and didn't replace them!

12-14-13, 04:57 PM
I throw away pieces of clothing that desperately need to not be worn any longer and "think" to myself that I will get a new one and I forget that I need it and I don't have it!!

Example: I wear Cuddle Duds in the winter because I get so cold. I had two pairs that were 5 years old and it was time to replace them but I never would. So, I forced my own hand and threw them out over the summer. Tomorrow I'm heading to where it's been very, very cold for the holidays and I don't have my new Cuddle Duds because I completely forgot about them!! My part of the US is getting lots of snow so I'm not going out again today.

Anyone else do this kind of stuff???

12-20-13, 06:20 AM
:( I did this with my winter leggings. I wear them when it snows, so I don't have wet pants hems, if it's yucky out. They needed to be tossed, but of course the first snow came this year and I hadn't replaced them. Darn procrastination!