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12-16-13, 02:29 AM
By no choice of my own (well, apart from severe side effects to my last meds) I find myself completely under medicated for both bipolar and ADHD. OK, so I'm not diagnosed with bipolar yet. My psychiatrist thinks I might have it like he thinks I might have several other things but hasn't tried to figure out if I actually do have them or not. But come on, who else goes through the highs and lows? I relate in every way to bipolar except for the length from one cycle into the next.

Anyway, I got this sudden idea to develop dome strategies to avoid getting stuck in certain ways of thinking. It worked a little while for depression until I started to believe my thoughts too much. And I've noticed my on/off again paranoid thoughts about people around me just keeps popping up.

Then there's trying not to ride mania for too long so I can keep my moods somewhat normal, but that doesn't often work out for me. It's just so damn enjoyable and I really have this urge to drink, but I also am too afraid to go to the liquor store on my own. Hooray for a fear of change!

So, I've got one minute left for the cats to start demanding that I feed them, so I'll try and start things off here.

My coping strategies thus far:

1) Stay organised, everyday have a plan and make sure I stay busy so I don't end up insulting people online and triggering a bunch of moods all over the place.

2) Eat healthy and exercise and try my best to stay away from food that influences my moods. No more giggling every time I start on a plate of fish and then reveal to people, it makes me hyper. Actually it gives me some crazy hypomania. But without it I still become that way so I have both food sensitivities and a mood disorder.

3) During depression re-direct all negative thoughts into more realistic ones. This is hard, very hard. Also take time away from social networking sites to avoid any possible trigger. Use distractions like video games, books and stand up comedy (on TV)

Meoww. Yes, yes, I know you're hungry. Actually she's still asleep. Awesome. Let's continue.

4) During mixed episodes, try to remember you don't actually live with a narcissist. It's hard, I know, but she's also family. And people that only know you a bit that you've never talked to may not hate you. Especially since one of them gave you a media pass! In fact that whole 'I hate my life, and everything and everyone' thing needs to stop. But how?

5) Remember how you are during your 'normal moods.' When you don't accuse people on social networking sites of being mind dead slaves and wasting time laughing at pictures of cats. Like now, you're actually liking photos on Facebook.

6) When you have that euphoric mania try to pick up on positive delusional thoughts. Now this has so far proved to be futile and this whole post seems like a silly manic idea that you'll never actually follow...OK, stop. You're just running that sentence on. You have no idea where it's going, but you enjoy it. There I did it. I hope.

7) Try try to pick up on delusions. These may involve 'solving' mysteries of the Universe, sudden use of the word 'synchronicity' and the CIA are not spying on you outside your house. If anyone is, it's ASIO. No, no, I didn't mean that.

8) As for be honest I never question anxiety because I think as long as I stay in fear nothing will happen to me. But thing is maybe when I'm able to see that I am safe and calm down then maybe just maybe I will be ok.

9) S-top....dr..dr..dr.dr.drinking alch-ch-ch-ch alcohol. Damn.

10) When people say BS about you limiting yourself or the very irritating 'everyone goes through this,' grit your teeth, ignore them and pity them for their ignorance. ODD-like behaviour and avoidance is not acceptable.

I am the master of CBT!

What do you think? Do you think it will work? For how long? I understand that medication is the best solution but that might take me another 9 months to 9 years to get on. It took my friend 20 years to find the right medication and get an official diagnosis. The best my psychiatrist has done is recommend me to a psychologist which I didn't end up doing. I was enjoying hypomania a bit too much and any change = panic attack. Of course, I know I need to find another doctor so I'm going to have to go through a couple of these attacks because I either seem to be not changing or getting worse.

And that cat is really hungry. Actually, so am I.

If you wanted to add your own tips that would be good.

12-16-13, 02:55 AM
And 11) Because of my hormonal disorder that only lasts for a week and a bit, my symptoms get even harder to manage. Keep this in mind. You can get through a month without ruining another friendship. You really can.

12-18-13, 07:46 AM
So I failed. Thanks for the support.