View Full Version : Resistance?

12-16-13, 10:29 PM
I was recently (Friday)prescribed focalin at 10mg 2xday or as needed. I've never taken amphetamines or any other add medicine before so the first day i picked up the prescription i took 1 10mg pill orally and it had little to no effect. I wasn't surprised as I am 6'3'' 310lbs so the next day i took 2 10mg tablets and it worked much better. I felt a bit jittery and my heart rate increased slightly but i was able to give 100% attention to my coursework and finish everything in a timely matter, whereas before focalin it would take me hours to finish simple assignments because i was constantly distracted.

The following day (yesterday) i did the same with the same effect. Today though I haven't felt the jittery rush and feel less attentive. Is there any explanation for this or am is it all in my head?

12-16-13, 11:36 PM
The side effects tend to fade after a few days. Don't ramp your dosage up and up and up - stick to the same dose (2 x 10 mg) for at least a full week. Then decide whether to increase or continue. And when you increase, go up by the smallest possible "notch", not doubling or tripling. (I think you were right to do what you did so far.)