View Full Version : Voice Commands

12-18-13, 08:56 AM
Do you use them?
What are the limitations?
Where are they most helpful?
Have you used a headset in combination with them?
How could they be improved for you?

( For anyone wanting to have a go ( android ) this ( is quite good )

I've resisted until now... primarily because when voice is not "easy for me"... aka... in isolation... getting used to it... in public...hmmmmm.....

Having said that... i'm going to try using it more often... for a few weeks... ( alone )... Mostly with todo's, alarms and reminders...

12-18-13, 01:59 PM
Having to talk to my phone would irritate me and irritate anyone near me on a bus etc. I demand silent control of my phone. If they become voice-activated-only, then I'll keep my old one till it breaks, and then switch to paper or something.