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Kunga Dorji
12-18-13, 06:57 PM
A nice, short article that summarises the main important points

This is handy to deal with the ADHD deniers.
It is so clean and comprehensive- it probably should be made into a sticky.

First off it quotes Russell Barkely.
I have my differences with him on some points- but am 100% in agreement with this comment:

“No scientific meetings mention any controversies about the disorder, about its validity as a disorder, about the usefulness of using stimulant medications like Ritalin ( for it. There simply is no controversy. The science speaks for itself. And the science is overwhelming that the answer to these questions is in the affirmative: it’s a real disorder; it’s valid; and it can be managed, in many cases, by using stimulant medication in combination with other treatments.”

and to highlight a point I have made:
There are legitimate realms of disagreement over ADHD, however. The fact that kids in North Carolina are twice as likely to be diagnosed with the disorder than kids in California shows that there must be more at work than genetics.

and finally:

When Harold Kopelwicz, the vice chairman of psychiatry at New York University hears comments insinuating that ADHD is no more than a subjective fabrication of psychiatrists and drug makers, he gets a bit riled (
“To suggest that this is a fraud, that somehow children are being abused by these treatments, is really an outrage, because for these kids, to not get treated is really the greatest abuse and neglect…”

Nice article!