View Full Version : Help for anyone having trouble cleaning -- so everyone. Iphone app free today only.

12-19-13, 01:21 AM
Tody - Intelligent Cleaning Management app (iphone) is free today in the App Store. It claims to be a specialized To-Do List for managing and motivating household cleaning routines. It has good ratings and a desktop website for support. Normally $4. I'm going to try it. It may be similar to Home Routines, which I use.

(I also posted this in the General ADD section, is that allowed?)

12-19-13, 05:22 AM
Carol, what do I search in the iphone app store? I tried intelligent cleaning management and there were no results.

12-19-13, 07:57 AM
Wow! An IPhone application that will clean my house?! I definitely need to buy one!:thankyou:

12-19-13, 08:07 AM
Search for Tody...

You can Download It Here ( as well :).