View Full Version : Adderol Dosage issues, advice needed..

12-23-13, 01:02 AM
I initially started out on Vyvance 30 milligrams it was effective for about 5 days. After that, I called the doctor and told him it wasn't working out and he switched me to Adderol 20 mg twice daily. In terms of effectiveness this has been my best option. It has consistently lasted roughly 4 1/2 to 5 hours and took it for about 2 months. The problem simply is I get up at 8-9 am and am up till about 10 pm. The two doses last for the morning and and mid afternoon but after that I am a complete mess, I feel exhausted, spaced out, and over-all like I could care less about anything. As apposed to before where my mind was quick and sharp. After this I decided to give the doctor a call and try the extended release version, he put me on this roughly 3 days ago, it worked fine for about 2 days, after that it lasted about 2 hours and just wore off. I gave it plenty of time to kick in as I know it is extended-release and still no luck.

So, I need some advice, realistically would it be alright to take 20 mg's of adderol 3 times daily as that would be the perfect dosage for me. The reason I am asking you guys is because a doctor can only help so much. He adjust your medication based on your symptoms, where as you all take similar medications.

The only concern I have about taking it 3 times daily is will I have a very quick tolerance build-up or should I be fine?

Any insight on this would be very much appreciated, I am so frustrated right now.

Thank you.