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12-24-13, 09:22 AM
I have nothing billiant to add here, as I think really if someone is on meds for bipolar it is a question of this plus lifestyle changes / therapy a la DBT ... etc., I just need to state it.

That a lot of heavy duty emotions at work, a 600 mil contract is at stake, the holidays which always make me crazy., and I just get stressed out and start misplacing things, then not remembering other things, like my medication for BP (lamictal) and then I get these debilitating electrical storms ... I'll get through it but man I am really tired. and just wanna sleep. Except I plan to go for supper tonight, and maybe I shouln't spend xmas eve alone. I wish I had gotten some sleep and taken my meds, but you know what really, I used to live like this all the time. LOL. We are doing are best to do are best!

12-24-13, 02:16 PM
Wishing you peace!