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12-25-13, 07:56 PM
As until the 6th won't be able to record anything, small compilation of all vids :
The above one is going to be quiet a lot different

My recording device is very low quality and doing this for the first time I'm not confident on camera yet. So in time the strength of my voice (very strong voice) will improve and my playing along with it.

Keep sending feedback.

Oh and btw - in my art, I have no rules, no restrictions, no plan. I go with what I feel. Music is the sound my emotions create, my soul so I'm expressing what I couldn't on a particular time in society and this is my way of relieving that stress - see it as a message of what I'm feeling

Not ever will I judge my creations so if it's too soft or too rough or superficial for you or doesn't live up to some expectations - your problem not mine don't you dare waste my time ;)

My logo :
My name :

Blaccurrent is the name, enchanté mate

12-28-13, 04:37 AM
relistening, the voice/piano contrasts are striking