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12-26-13, 12:56 PM
I have been feeling very depressed the past few days.
And ritalin also doesn't lift my mood at all. Today I took 30mg
Ritalin LA. It did nothing! This is really dragging me down.
Shouldn't stimulants make you feel better?
I mean if ritalin doesn't do anything then which antidepressant
could do anything for me?

ps: I have ritalin for adhd. I take it only when needed. But today since I was so depressed
I thought I might take it and see if it helps but it didn't. That's depressing. :(

01-07-14, 01:22 AM
Ritalin should not be used for mood elevation, it never elevated my moods.

There is good evidence that emotional regulation problems are actually a core part of ADHD.

Are your mood significantly reactive to perceived negative factors? Are your unpleasant emotions easily triggered? Do you have a low tolerance for stress? Do intense emotions override your capacity to think in a calm, rational and positve manner? If your answer is yes to these, I can pretty much guarantee you that your problem lies in your prefrontal cortex (the area most highly implicated in ADHD). Various regions such as the Medial region, and others are implicated in emotional regulation. Underactivity in these areas seems to be caused by the overactivity of certain serotonin sub receptors which have an inhibitory effect on neurotransmission and brain activity. If these "emotional regulation" areas of your PFC are under-active, your mind cannot filter out stress and emotion and the "volume" of your emotions is in effect much louder, causing your emotions to override the cognitive capacities of your prefrontal cortex.

However of course if your mood is pretty much constantly the same, most the time, and not reactive, then that sounds more like a clinical depression.

Again if your emotions are reactive, highly sensitive to provocations, and stress intolerant, I am telling you it is pretty likely that standard antidepressants will not work.

However there is a new, advanced antidepressant available in the USA, called Vortioxetine. The serotonin receptor systems it effects are highly implicated in emotional regulation mechanisms in the prefrontal cortex areas. Indeed it has standard anti-depressant effects as well, its a great drug.

Psychotropic medications are a huge interest of mine, if you ever want to converse about them, I am always open to a PM.

Also don't ignore any social issues or social needs you have that may need to be addressed for you to be emotionally happy. So many people just say they are "depressed" when they are lonely, need companionship, or indeed are stuck in a hard situation in life.

Good luck.

01-07-14, 01:29 AM
the main goal is focus. pick up a book and see how long yu are able to read. that's the effect stimulants are supposed to have. Everything else is a side effect.

i know, leaves lots of new and unanswered old questions, but as long as you have enough focus and no negative side effects, you're on your way. all symptoms in diagnostic criteria are said to be manifestations of a lack of focus. Adderall helps.

01-08-14, 08:28 PM
@ modafinilguy

I am not in the US. So if Vortioxetinejust came out then there is no way I can get it now. It could take years before it comes out in Europe.

I have depression. But I also have the stuff you mentioned. I am easily drawn into a depressive mode simply by thoughts which depress me. Or by events which happen and then make me feel hopeless. Or even bad things on the news can depress me. I mean my situation is bad. There is no debating this. But on some days it's like it hits me with full force and I feel like it's all totally senseless. I needed something to dull this or make me less vulnerable to reality cause reality is bad. My perception isn't twisted. I think that I perceive things very realistically and this makes me so depressed. Other people who are depressed, too, are in my better positions than I am. So nobody can tell me that being depressed isn't a normal reaction. I needed something to not feel depressed even though I have good reasons to be depressed.

I am currently on stablon. A much hyped drug. I had high hopes in it. It has many studies which say it can do stuff which other ADs can't do but I am not feeling anything at all. I don't think this stuff works for me. It lowers serotonine in some regions. I don't get any instant effects which some claim to get and also no effects after almost 3 weeks. I feel like this stuff isn't doing anything.
I don't know what to try next. :(
Since I have ocd I think that maybe I need something serotonergic. Lowering serotonine might not work. But I already tried celexa 20mg for 4 weeks and it also didn't work. Remeron also didn't work. Wellbutrin also did nothing. Why does nothing work? It's so damn frustrating.

I mean should I not at least feel something when I take a drug which hits SERT or NE or DA?

@ Daydreamin22

Many people describe that they get a lift when they take stims. Maybe it's more with adderall and not ritalin. But ritalin also started as antidepressant at first. This is why I don't understand why getting a dopamine boost doesnt make me feel a bit better. I'd have expected that.

01-31-14, 05:03 AM
You may just need a boost in all these areas. I'm not sure about this yet, but have you tried taking multiple medications together? I'm wondering if something like a stimulant as well as an anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety (OCD is an anxiety disorder, after all, and I find often when people who say they are sensitive or have situational depression they often have ADHD or anxiety) would be helpful for you. Perhaps a non-stimulant, or an anti-anxiety with a stimulant would work.

01-31-14, 07:19 AM
Ritalin isn't designed to be a mood enhancer as such. Although it may have that effect initially, if won't last.

Antidepressents are more effective for treating low mood. This is because Antidepressents aren't designed to lift your mood, but rather to balance things out instead.

Don't take stimulants to target low mood, because it only leads to even greater low mood in the long run.

01-31-14, 01:39 PM
I havent yet tried something like SSRI + Ritalin.
Boosting all neurotransmitters would be an interesting idea. But my doc never suggested it.
If I wanted to boost all I'd need something like SNRI + Ritalin or SSRI + NDRI + Ritalin.

Right now I guess I'll try Lexapro. My doc thinks I should try it for ocd and depression. I can still add ritalin and see what happens then.

My hope was simply that ritalin could make me feel better about myself. I read stuff from people who take adderall and feel really good and it also helps with depression. This is why I was disappointed when ritalin doesn't seem to have such an effect on me.

01-31-14, 02:25 PM
My hope was simply that ritalin could make me feel better about myself. I read stuff from people who take adderall and feel really good and it also helps with depression. This is why I was disappointed when ritalin doesn't seem to have such an effect on me.

When I took Ritalin (or now with dex too), it did boost my mood but only for a couple of hours while the meds were active. It didn't make me happy or euphoric but I felt calmer and more content. Maybe just temporarily quietening down some of the garbage constantly running through my head improves my feelings of well being.

Also, I think, often stimulants alleviate depression because they improve certain external causes of depression. For instance, I get very stressed and very depressed when I can't work. Which used to be always. Being able to work, is a huge mood booster for me.

01-31-14, 06:44 PM
But I didn't get any boost from 30 mg ritalin LA when I was depressed! Not even after taking it for a few hours. I mean if it did give me a boost it would have been good. This sucks.

01-31-14, 07:20 PM
But I didn't get any boost from 30 mg ritalin LA when I was depressed! Not even after taking it for a few hours. I mean if it did give me a boost it would have been good. This sucks.

The boost I fel't was very slight. In fact nore than a boost it was an absence of feeling un well.

Besides I don't think that's a common reaction.

Have you tried antidepressants?

01-31-14, 07:48 PM
Yes. I tried a few. Stablon,Celexa,Wellbutrin,Agomelatine,Remeron. All useless.

I didn't even feel a slight effect from ritalin. Why does somehow nothing work for me? :(

01-31-14, 08:26 PM
Maybe you need more sleep. Or maybe you're sick, rundown and tired. Try taking a day or two off and just rest, don't take any stimulants and just eat lots of greens/fruits, drink water, no alcohol and sleep a lot. Maybe listen to music or read a good book...whatever is relaxing for you.

01-31-14, 09:31 PM
Hmmm... all of those anti-depressants seem to treat major depression or depression brought about by anxiety/emotional turbulence/intense moods rather than clinical depression or melancholic depression. Which makes sense that you would have an ADHD diagnosis as well-- the malfunction of the prefrontal cortex seems to exacerbate issues with emotional regulation, and it's very easy for an individual to slip into a period of anxiety or depression, related to the ADHD and not clinical on it's own.

Do you have anxiety along with your depressive emotions sometimes? If the negative emotions you're experiencing are caused by stressful events/environmental factors, etc, like you said, it's not "abnormal, clinical depression." I was actually studying this for a while last night, and found that highly emotionally sensitive individuals (who are often gifted and very intelligent too, side note) are more prone to anxiety and depression related to environmental effects. In other words, things that most people wouldn't pay attention to/get affected by will greatly affect a highly sensitive person, because they are more sensitive to emotional/cognitive/sensori stimuli. These people seem to be affected more by norepinephrine rather than serotonin or dopamine, due to the root of the issue which is poor emotional regulation. Since emotional regulation occurs in the prefrontal cortex, a medication that would be more targeted toward strengthening that might help you regulate your emotions, feel like you're more in control, and relieve the reactive depressive symptoms.

Have you tried any primarily norepinephrine-related medications? NRI's might be more helpful to you. If you have more issues regulating emotion, rather than reducing a strong, long-persisting emotion, you may need medication that helps your prefrontal cortex. Ritalin, SNRI's, and stimulants in general focus on the dopamine (and sometimes serotonin) lacking in the brain, but dopamine seems to be related to a different part of the brain rather than solely the prefrontal cortex, which is why you may have felt even more depressed on the Ritalin.

A medication that focuses on primarily norepinephrine would be good. ADHD-PI types typically benefit from these more, here's a list of norepinephrine-related medications that could help restore your balance and aid in attention and anxiety (which could be related to your depression).

Atomoxetine (Strattera)
Reboxetine (Edronax, Vestra)
Edivoxetine (LY-2216684)
Viloxazine (Vivalan)
Maprotiline (Deprilept, Ludiomil, Psymion)
Nisoxetine (LY-94,939)
Lortalamine (LM-1404)
Amedalin (UK-3540-1)
Daledalin (UK-3557-15)
Talopram (Lu 3-010)
Talsupram (Lu 5-005)
Tandamine (AY-23,946)

425runner, he could be fatigued due to the wrong stimulants he's been taking. I just found out Adderall is probably not my ideal drug and have consequently become so run down occasionally due to the long-term effects of using it. My body just doesn't have the energy-- it needs the mental focus more. (going to be trying Strattera soon as well!)

01-31-14, 10:54 PM
@ 425runner

No I've been depressed for a long time. Getting some rest won't change that. I have been having depression,anxiety,ocd basically since childhood.
On the one hand I have a tendency for these things, but at the same time I am also depressed because of real issues which I have. I think that most people would also be depressed if they were in my shoes. For me it's simply totally overwhelming cause I have so many problems all at once. I know people on forums who have only 1 of the infirmities which I have and they are also depressed and I have not only 1 health issue but multiple ones and not just small ones. For me this is simply too much to deal with. I could never deal with it. In all those years I haven't been able to just "accept" it. It drags me down every time I am reminded of one of my many diseases and I am often reminded of them cause I can't really ignore them and then I instantly feel absolutely miserable and hopeless. In these situations I can't do anything against it it's just so overwhelming. :(
In needed to function and focus on studying and due to being depressed and miserable I can't function cause I think that all this stuff is totally senseless.

@ lavita_bella

I don't really know if I have melancholic depression or another depression. I am also melancholic, sure.
I have taken a NDRI (wellbutrin) I cannot say that it made a difference which is why I got off it after 8 weeks.
But your thoughts are interesting. I mean I have been to various psychiatrists and none of them used such a logic. They are all like "want to try something else? ok, let's pick another class of antidepressants"
I really miss that. I also feel like maybe there's more which could be done for me but what shall I do? I don't think that there are many doctors who sit there and then take a lot of time and really try to find out what might work best. I feel like I could as well throw a dice or simply decide on my own what I want to try next.

Do you have anxiety along with your depressive emotions sometimes? Yes.

If the negative emotions you're experiencing are caused by stressful events/environmental factorsBad news and such things have a big impact on me. They can make me instantly depressed for example if I hear about taxes going up or about other issues then I became scared and think about how everything only gets worse all the time and so on.
It's the same with being reminded of my health issues. Often times it totally overwhelms me and then I'm totally depressed and can't pull myself out and then I have to find a way to get myself off it or find some hope by thinking about that maybe there are cures.

Ritalin doesn't really make me more depressed. I cannot say that. But I also don't notice any uplifting effect for example where you take it and then you just feel better and think less about your depression. Other people report that.

Of all these drugs I only know Strattera and Reboxetine.

Are these drugs available and used as antidepressants? I have psychopharmacology books and never read about them. If they are not available outside of the US or not officially antidepressants then I might not be able to get them.

Edivoxetine (LY-2216684)
Viloxazine (Vivalan)
Maprotiline (Deprilept, Ludiomil, Psymion)
Nisoxetine (LY-94,939)
Lortalamine (LM-1404)
Amedalin (UK-3540-1)
Daledalin (UK-3557-15)
Talopram (Lu 3-010)
Talsupram (Lu 5-005)
Tandamine (AY-23,946)

edit: Just googled them. Most never were released. I guess then strattera and reboxetine are the only ones. I think reboxetine is also not available everywhere.
This means there's only strattera. I'm a bit scared of strattera cause I read about it causing suicidality.