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12-26-13, 04:19 PM
My son went on Intuniv a few weeks ago because he has add with anxiety. So far it seems to be working so I'm wondering it would work for me. I'm 38, he's 8 so this may be a stretch, but I'd love to get of the clonaz asap. Anyone have experience with Intuniv?

01-05-14, 09:12 PM
I've been on 3 mg daily Tenex (instant release guanfacine) for the past few months, and I find it to be a very nice and effective drug. The reasons I chose to take this medication were to a.) help my ADD, b.) provide some anxiety relief through its mechanisms of lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and c.) combine this with a stimulant such as dexedrine to lower stimulant-induced anxiety.

I happen to suffer from GAD and have previously experienced panic attacks while on Adderall, so I wanted a medication that would help to lessen the peripheral side effects of these stimulant meds. Guanfacine is a wise choice for this, as it has a minimal side effect profile and is very safe. It is also particularly safe to take with stimulants (as is Clonidine) compared with beta blockers, although many take beta blockers with stimulants and report no problems.

I am also on Klonopin as well, and have found the Guanfacine to complement the Kpins quite well.

Also, just my 2 cents, but if you are looking for an ADD stimulant with less peripheral side effects than Adderall, then I recommend trying Dexedrine. It has less peripheral side effects and doesn't cause your heart rate and blood pressure to rise as much as Adderall does.

01-05-14, 09:29 PM
I am prescribed Intuniv 4 mg nightly and it seems to be a pretty good cap to my daily cocktail of Adderall and Prozac...

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mrs. dobbs
05-14-14, 06:12 AM
I am going to ask my doc for guanfacine/Intuniv to go with my Ritalin for GAD, social anxiety and rejection sensitive dysphoria. I should probably add an antidepressant as well, but SSRIs are too stimulating and my favorite Clomipramine, makes me fat.

05-28-14, 04:30 PM HERE is the place to find info on this stuff. I've been looking all over the place. Currently on 20mg IR Adderall 2x a day. Was looking to increase that to 3X a day.

I have an appointment coming up to talk about using this in addition. Thanks for the info you guys. Anyone else?

06-01-14, 01:51 PM
I started Intuniv this past week as an adjunct to my Adderall XR regimen. Intuniv is great for countering stimulant side effects but it did a lot more than that for me. It's hard to describe but basically, it helps you take everything in stride.

Work stress, deadlines, bad drivers, distracting children at Mass - I've encountered them all in just the past three days and they haven't really phased me.

I've also been able to think without getting overly tired or sleepy as usual. I've also rarely had to use my notebook for lists or to simply write something down that I would probably forget later. The information is just, well, there. It's a very different, but overall good, state of being.