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03-14-05, 12:51 AM
I feel so ashamed
I can't bear anymore pain,
words wont come from my mouth
to say how I feel,
madness and sadness envelope my zeal.

What have I done?
to myself and the spirit of yesteryear.
Why do am I full of fear?
instead o' thee days so full of light of my childhood.

I have hurt me inside and out,
caring for others
and walking about this earth with a mask of many people
what happen to the person I was meant to be?

I dont who I am
or who I am to be
It better happen soom for
me to become free.

I am scared inside to say how I feel
afraid to acknowledge the feelings
and hurts inside from the past and present
so I can become alive.

I feel like crying now on the spot
dont care what I say
anymore to myself I just hurt.

When will I come out of this phase
and start to see it is me
who is keeping me from being alive.