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12-28-13, 11:20 AM
Hello i graduated high school in 1989. back then i don't think they knew what ADD/ADHD was. so they diagnosed me with a learning disability. they had me do some testing and came to the conclusion that i had a learning disability in Reading Comprehension. so they placed me in LD classes. i did very well in those classes where i saw my other classmates struggle. fast forward a little to my senior year 1989. i wanted to take physics because i was fascinated by it. they advised against it due to my disability. yet i begged them so they let me take it. I aced that class.

graduated high school and started college and then it went downhill from there. had severe problems with Math. algebra etc. i could look at the problem and get the answer but unable to perform the steps to show my work. tried tutoring etc ended up failing the class. so i have dropped out of college and now wanting to go back and finish my degree. I am nervous and scared at the same time. Now i am on medication yet still having problems just reading a book that i am trying to get certified in (Cisco Certifications). I have been on Focalin XR since May of this year yet i have NOT started therapy yet as i have just been lazy in calling to get a therapist to be honest with you. so i guess my question is do i goto therapy or choose a coach? i know i need to be "trained " in how to change my study habits and or my thought processes.

12-28-13, 01:18 PM
Why can't you do both?

12-28-13, 08:23 PM
Unsure about the time commitment working 60 hrs a week. 2 kids.

12-28-13, 08:44 PM
Ill say do the therapy because that will be better for ya psychologically, you could get life couch information later but if it helps im in mass and they have a mass rehab program that helps disabled people obtain jobs or go to school and its free,. You could google something like that in your area?

12-29-13, 05:32 AM
I personally believe that therapy is something everyone should try.

12-29-13, 01:56 PM
Thanks for your feedback i think i will start calling on Monday to see who has what in the area. i can ask my daughters therapist (8 years old) for a referral. i feel it may be a conflict of interest for either myself or the therapist to keep things separate.