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12-28-13, 11:31 AM
Just curious to see how many of you out there are using tobacco whether its cigarettes or Chew e cigarette .

Have you tried to quit?
I have tried multiple times using chantix, the patch, cold turkey, Wellbutrin(before i was diagnosed with adhd). yet i continue to start back up.
am i the only one that cant seem to quit.

12-28-13, 11:36 AM
I believe nicotine is the second most addictive substance known to man.

I have taken Wellbutrin for years (for moods/inattention) and it has not helped.

12-28-13, 11:45 AM
I was a smoker for years. It was getting bad too...before I quit, I was up to 2 or more packs a day. I couldn't get enough...I'd start craving a cigarette before I was finished with the one I was currently smoking.

Some medical issues came up for me and it gave me enough of a kick in my **** to help me decide to quit. I've been completely clean for nearly 3 1/2 years now (jan. 11th will be my 3 1/2 year mark). Not a single of the greatest things I've ever done.

12-28-13, 12:20 PM
I started smoking socially around 15 & regularly around 18.

I think I've tried to quit 5-6 times?

The longest I went without was about 4-6 months. That was the last time I tried to quit in 2008. I was unemployed & living with a non-smoker, my parents would buy nic gum, but not smokes, so I had no choice. When I got a job, I stayed quit for a couple of months more, but was hanging out with my ex, who smoked & drove me crazy, so I picked it up again.

There was a time I was on Wellbutrin & it did seem like the craving was less, but I didn't realize it was used that way so I didn't take advantage.

12-28-13, 02:32 PM
Nicotine improves some symptoms for some people with ADHD, making it even harder for us to quit than it is for "regular people". I never started smoking, partly because in my school the bully was a smoker and I wanted to stay away from him. :)

12-28-13, 02:42 PM
Completely agree with you on that David!

I think smoking helps people with their symptoms for a lot of mental health disorders. I mean I'm very much so for quitting and not smoking...but I know it genuinely helps a lot of people and can really alleviate some difficulties at least a little.
Smoking always helped a lot with my anxiety.

I'm still glad as hell to be smoke free. I don't miss it in anyway.

01-04-14, 08:45 AM
you arent alone..many of us here and (everywhere) have tried to quit smoking to no avail.

I myself think cigarette smoking is an addiction. I've heard its as hard to stop as hard core street drugs.

01-04-14, 01:48 PM
I tried nicotine in both chewing tobacco and gum form. It mostly made me feel spacey and didn't really help my ADHD symptoms all that much.
So I had no problem with quitting.

I like caffeine in coffee and teas. It tastes a lot better, even though it doesn't help me all that much either :D

01-06-14, 12:00 PM
Nicotine is an indirect Alpha-Adrenergic agonist.

It increases the activity in the prefrontal cortex, to some mild degree alleviating ADHD symptoms.

It also stimulates the Medial part of the PFC, mildly improving emotional control and reducing the effect of stress.

It is self medicating.

01-21-14, 07:09 PM
I'm in college and I'm a moderate user of tobacco both in the forms of dip and cigs. I started dipping in high school occasionally with my sports teams as a way to relax with friends. I picked up cigarettes in college. It started out with the occasional cigarette while drunk at a party, and eventually it spread to something I do when I'm stressed out or taking a break from studying.

Luckily I've kept my use moderate enough to avoid addiction so far. I've stopped completely cold turkey many times without any withdrawal issues, usually because I'm sick and don't want exacerbate it by exposing my lungs to smoke or my throat/mouth to dip. Quitting for me has never been an issue of breaking an addiction and relapsing because of the physical withdrawal symptoms, it's completely psychological. I enjoy dipping and smoking so its hard for me to imagine never having either for the rest of my life.

01-22-14, 01:13 PM
....Just posted a thread about nicotine and how it's bad for you .....because I smoked from the age of 16 till I quit nearly 2 years ago .....that is, I quit smoking .....

.....and switched to the e cig....and within 2 weeks I had given up regular cigarettes for good and have never looked back ....don't miss it, wouldn't smoke for anything .....but try to take my e cig away from me and I'll bite you !

.....I started using 36mg and 24 mg amount of nicotine, but now use the 18mg and 24 mg ....not really trying to stop nicotine, just think maybe cut it down to the 12mg and 18 mg amounts .....

.....I use the biggest battery, and tank system that you charge the battery directly ( using the USB port on my computer ....) any larger than the system I use, and you have to get a seperate casing and have to take the battery out and recharge that re-insert it ....some of the e cigs can get really really big ! /.....

....You can make you own "juice" and construct your own style e cig ...but it is more than I want to do ...

...however, any of the systems I started off on, turned out to be not strong enough, harder to draw on, or not enough vapor it took me 8 months and lots and lots of research to find the system I use and love now .....there is a ton of info out there on the internet ...lots of it from the different companies who sell online ....and there's an e cig forum.....and the problem with this info is that there is so dam*** much of it .....

....The system I use now is the easiest and actually the cheapest way to go ....cheaper by far than using the disposables, and cheaper than the most popular and well known brand of fill it yourself type e cig quite a lot on the parts that you use up ....( the atomizer ) an earlier threads I have started, I list the ones I use now and the amount they cost.....but now that I am no longer experimenting costs are extremely low .....compared to what I spent in the beginning and radically lower than the cost of 2 packs of regular cigarettes ! ....

.....if anyone is interested I'll link you to my earlier threads.....