View Full Version : The feeling of insecurity, and anger in adhd.

12-28-13, 02:17 PM
How to cope with insecurity and anger in adhd? and how a non adhd handles an adhd to make him feels better

12-28-13, 05:20 PM
I'm not entirely sure what you were asking, but have you read Melissa Orlov's book?
It addresses a lot of the anger and insecurity (from both sides)

If there is one thing I am trying to learn / in the process of it's boundaries.
Boundaries are SO SO SO important, and discovering that delicate balance that gets your needs addressed, but not at the cost of your significant other's feelings is so so so important.

Listening helps with the anger... I mean listening by basically pretending you are an alien that just came to earth for the first time, with absolutely no preconceptions, and listening to what your partner is saying or how they are feeling from that perspective.

If you throw your ideas of 'normal' or 'right' out the window, it's far easier to start to really try to understand a bit and move foreward... It also makes it easier to focus on 'constructively working towards' something, which definitely helps in terms of not focusing on anger, instead channeling it into being constructive.

Not sure if that made sense or helps, but hope so.

01-02-14, 12:25 AM
Working with a therapist has really helped me personally. It helps me to keep things in perspective and to help me find healthy ways to interact and respond to the crap my husband can dish out: such as trying to not take things personally, and not taking responsibility for his reactions, etc. Also, about how to handle an adhd'er to make them feel better - it's not really your job to make them feel better, nor can you really; however, you can do your best to treat someone with respect and kindess and nurturing and what they do with that is up to them.

01-02-14, 02:52 AM
Recognize the fear. Whatever the situation may be. In yourself or others simply recognizing and being aware of the fear will help one overcome it!

01-02-14, 03:08 AM
Sitting down and discovering each others boundaries will help with anger.

You didn't write much but another book to mention 'is it you me or the adhd. By Gina Pera it gets rave reviews.