View Full Version : This online course is killing me.

12-29-13, 04:12 AM
If you want to skip my long-winded prelude just go to the second paragraph.

My school is a rather rural one, we finally got online coarse materiel this year. Instead of unleashing it on the whole school at once though they decided to open them to just seniors who scored in the top 10% of ACT scores(I don't understand there logic here but anyway). I was given 2 hours in a day to take online courses, one was a environmental science class the other a Japanese class. Both seemed interesting to me, but they came from different websites. The Science coarse I am doing fine in mostly because it has a pre-built structure.

The online Japanese coarse I am taking though, has no structure what so ever, there is no due dates, class end or start dates, you just do Japanese whenever you want. Its killing me, I cant get my self to just sit down and do the work because it feels so easy to just do something else and let it wait till the next day. I mean I self taught myself JavaScript during the class time instead of doing the work, that's how much of a problem i'm having with this. I really need some tips on how to keep myself focused on the Japanese i'm supposed to be doing.