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01-01-14, 05:31 AM
"The Aplysia is generally a sluggish and behaviorally inflexible creature that crawls along the seabed, sucking in nutrients such as seaweed and waste products of other animals. It its journey from rock to rock, it uses an intrinsic behavioral strategy of reaching out and swinging from side to side in search of a new anchor point. In so doing, it exhibits a phototactic preference for darker rather than lighter environments."

In the laboratory, using a bright light, scientists can teach the Aplysia to swim on only one side of the pool—the dark side. The Aplysia thus exhibits patterned behavior. "What is important here," writes Panksepp, "is that Aplysia, as all other animals, have endogenous behavior generators that make them spontaneously active creatures in their environment. Indeed, intrinsic motor pattern generation may have been the earliest solution for exerting coherent behavioral control. One of the earliest animal behaviors to have evolved was rhythmic undulation in the primordial seas."

What environments do AD(H)Der's prefer?

What environments do you do feel are productive? (as apposed to unproductive)


02-22-14, 05:59 PM
I enjoy rhythmic undulation.

Alternatively, I feel a huge desire to create things when in a workshop - either a working atelier surrounded by other artists, a studio or some other creative environment. But I need my own little space within that busy environment in which to focus on my own project. I also need a mentor. I like to impress people that I respect. I need encouragement or I switch into perfectionist mode and become too critical of my skills to get anything done. Praise keeps me going.

A few years ago a local college held a Saturday morning class for art students. It was to get a certificate in something or other. I forget what exactly. I didn't sign up to learn anything, but to be in that creative environment with like-minded individuals and a teacher that would walk around the class encouraging us with the odd structured lesson thrown in. It was brilliant. I completed more work in those few months than I had in the previous 7 years. It was the perfect environment for me! I really miss that, but have been unable to find anything similar where I live now.