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01-01-14, 06:31 PM
Brodmann areas ( are a map of brain functionality. The function of some areas is well-known, while some others are more difficult to study. I think that looking at the complexity and overlap/exclusivity/lateralization of brain function might help people understand why it's unlikely that ADHD and other conditions with multiple symptoms will be easily diagnosable and treatable.

An early mapping ( groups sets of area by general function, and looks at areas that were active during fMRI testing. The Lloyd brainmap project ( is not necessarily well-regarded by all neuroscientists because of its limitations and flaws, not the least of which is the generalized assumptions based on early use of fMRI. It's still interesting, though.

The more specific Brodmann Atlas ( (this clickable version is easier to navigate than many others, IMHO) is updated as new information is discovered. It is also color coded by function (Executive, Motor, Memory, Emotional, Olfactory, Somatosensory, Attention, Visual, Sound) and differentiates between left and right hemisphere when there is a lateralization of function.