View Full Version : What do they give for restless?agiated people?

01-02-14, 08:44 PM
So, I am on Metadate Cd 10mgs. Not sure if its stress or what (I have 5 month old now SUPRISE!) this is on Ritalin or off. Ritalin is like candy. I am so restless and agitated nothing works anymore lol. I have taken almost every drug on the market. So what do they give for restless/agitated for anxiety? Would they give Klonopin to people that takes stimulants?

01-02-14, 08:58 PM
For me, Prozac works well for OCD/anxiety but takes a while to kick in, along with Intuniv which helps across the board.

01-02-14, 09:09 PM
Pre med? That is awesome.

I once had a great A&P professor that told me to do my own research!

01-08-14, 08:43 PM
my doc gave me gabapentin which is used for seizures, but off label works for anxiety pretty well and its non addictive and has almost no side effects.

03-20-14, 04:30 AM
maybe a beta blocker or antipsychotic ?

you may find dexedrine more calming than Ritalin