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01-05-14, 11:22 PM
Hey there.

I have a world I haven't told anyone, because I'm scared of what people will think of me once I told them.

I'm a pretty quiet person, 80% of the time I sit around the house listening to instrumental music through my headphones. Piano pieces - Ludovico Einaudi also OST's.

When I listen to movie sound tracks it triggers my emotions depending on the type of music.

I end up crying, laughing, feeling excited about the future or whatever the tune wants me to feel - I feel.

I can't describe it, my mind's signals become so active and in tune with the music, I start to visualize scenarios in my head (scenes) as if it was a movie.

I think I may have a small amount of autism, I can tune sounds so precisely, (can tell what a sound is) sounds to me is just amazing.

Here is a gym motivation track I listen to which is basically the only thing which is keeping me sane while at the gym as I'm unemployed.

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When I listen to the first few words, my posture, facial looks and emotions change to the music, I feel like I can relate to it.

It's hard when I try to get other family or friends to listen to this, they don't take it seriously (they don't feel and relate to it).

Any thoughts?

02-10-14, 07:27 AM
I'm exactly the same! I'm a pretty emotionally cold person and it's like the only way I can express myself is through music (it's embarrassing cause it sounds so corny). I play piano and I have a connection with what I play which I can't explain to anyone.

02-10-14, 12:26 PM
@JesseB138: Its not strange at all. I got certain kinds of music (like new enigma and related music) that can take my brainwaves for a ride, especially if I am in a susceptible mode.

@fidgmidg: Music is a very fundamental process and its hardly a miracle we feel so connected with it. I often want to say things to my gf that are said in a song far better than they ever could in words.

02-10-14, 12:52 PM
I get the same things as well, but it's precisely the strong emotions and energy that I get from music, that make me love it so much. I never saw it as something problematic or a symptom of any disorder. I remember that Romania's most famous music critic said in a an interview that people who can do something else while they're listening to a song or a symphony don't appreciate the music enough- he understood me!

The only frustrating thing is that I can get so lost daydreaming to a song that I embarrass myself in public- it happens often, but I don't really care; listening to music still beats listening to most people and their opinions means very little when I'm in fantasy-land. You should stop trying to get others to understand though, because either they aren't that sensitive or they just don't have the same tastes as you.

02-12-14, 03:42 PM
Music is the sound emotions create.

Even dubstep is emotions

02-14-14, 12:53 PM
OK. I am going to open up and be my weird self. Here it goes.

Music takes me to another world. I get lost in fantasy and experience intense emotions stimulated by music.

(Sidenote) I have Aspergers.

The human brain has an electrical charge and creates brainwaves based on our conscious state. Beta waves cycle at a higher frequency and represent an alert brain. Theta waves (4-6 hertz) are slower and are present during our sleep cycle or during a meditative and relaxed state.

I went to a lion preserve for confiscated animals. During the tour, our guide roared and the lions started roaring in return. My group of 20 was situated perfectly in the center of 31 roaring lions. The emotional and physical effect on me was astounding. For 54 seconds I had the closest thing I know to an out of body experience. I did record it on my phone as the guide told us ahead of time what he was attempting. No one else had the same experience. For me it was almost sensual.

I found a Swedish study on lion roars. A low roar is at 4.5 hertz. This is the equivalent of a theta wave. I found downloads of this frequency online (binaural beats) The sounds create a cycle in the brain. With headphones on, separate sounds are generated through each side. The brain combines the sound to create balance. The change in brain wave can effect the listener. I did this with a theta wave mp3 and had an experience similar to the lions roaring. To stay focused, I now listen to a beta wave throughout the day at work. I use theta waves for relaxation.

Indeed. Music can calm the savage breast.

02-14-14, 01:08 PM
Music is my lifeline. That's where I feel the most. It really bugs me on days that I'm not able to dig it. I feel dead and miserable when that happens. However, the rest of the days, music takes me to so many magical places. I used to pay a lot of money in search of those places through other means.

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02-15-14, 03:17 PM
I love that piece .. do you have links to shorter pieces?