View Full Version : I cant log out from my phone

01-06-14, 07:12 PM
I find it amusing that I cant log out from my batfart of a phone yet there is a thread about what to do if we cant log in

Im forever logged in on my phone idk what to do when I get a new phone and I need to log out from this puddle of cow urine phone

Anyone know how to clear phone internet memory

01-06-14, 07:26 PM
If you go into your phone system settings, there should be a way to clear your internet cookie data. But be aware that it will log you out of every site that you happen to be logged into, unless your phone allows you to delete cookies seperately for different sites.

I'm not much help, seeing as my mobile is like a brick you would expect to find in the late 80s....

05-27-14, 10:40 PM
what kind of a batfart of a phone do you have? what OS is it running?

06-26-14, 05:15 PM
I gave up with that phone, now gone back to pay as you go which suits me better anyway/

06-26-14, 05:34 PM
In the case of ADDF logging out isnt a problem as there is an automatic time out if you are inactive for a while. Other sites do not always do that, so you still have to manually log out on those.