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01-07-14, 05:52 AM
"well she's bipolar so, she over reacts to things".
"you know how emotional she is".
"it must be a bipolar thing".

NO it is not just a bipolar thing, its this little condition known as being human.

Just because I am bipolar doesnt mean that everything I am trying to share about my life should be invalidated because of my emotions!
" you know how she flips out about stuff"
"it must be a bipolar thing to get so angry"

Yes, I can rage but that doesnt mean I have no right to get angry. As*hole isnt in the dsm but you seem to suffer from it. At least I get a diagnosis and treatment. For your condition the only treatment is to go F**k yourself.

Bipolar is a root cause for SOME of my behaviors but believe me, it would make my life much easier if I could just chalk everything up to mental illness. Thing is, its not just that. I have real feelings, and real emotions. All bipolar does for me, is make those "normal" feelings much harder to deal with. It doesnt mean I invent imaginary problems so I can unleash my bipolar wrath on you.

Bipolar isnt character flaw, unlike as*holeitis. It is real and it makes things hell to deal with. You dont have to understand, but you do have to stop being a dick about everything. You DO have to realize that I may have issues dealing with the normal stuff but not deciphering what is real or fake, because everything I feel is real. Emotions are real. Being emotional doesnt invalidate what is going on in relationships.
I am sick of people acting like everything that happens to me is solely my problem which absolves them from all responsibility.

If you treat people like sh*t then what kind of a reaction do you expect.

I am more than just bipolar. I am a human. I am mentally ill, yes, but I am just as real as you. I am just as important as you. My feelings are equal to yours.

Remember one thing: They invented medication for my illness. They have yet to invent something to treat as*hole.

01-07-14, 06:03 AM
Yeah I hear you.

It's always, "Oh, he must be hypomanic"

"You are anxious, you need to calm down"

"Did you take your meds?"

"Don't tell him X/Y/Z he is sick it will upset him" [I actually prefer this last one.]

01-07-14, 06:26 AM
I hate this one:

"Did you take your meds?"

Or when I'm upset for a non-clinical reason:

"Those meds are making you worse."

Or when I'm depressed/angry for a non-clinical reason:

"Must be depression."

01-07-14, 06:31 AM
When I am depressed for clinical reasons its either

"You are on so many meds you shouldnt be depressed"


"You need to make 'lifestyle changes' and 'change your attitude'"

The latter commonly comes from people of lower IQ/education who are usually either elderly or have lived very sheltered/backwards lives.

01-07-14, 06:35 AM
When I am depressed for clinical reasons its either

"You are on so many meds you shouldnt be depressed"


"You need to make 'lifestyle changes' and 'change your attitude'"

The latter commonly comes from people of lower IQ/education who are usually either elderly or have lived very sheltered/backwards lives.

My favourite is: "Just be happy!!"

Right, like I haven't thought of that one yet. :rolleyes:

01-07-14, 07:25 AM
im sooo glad this issue is being addressed here I thought I was the only one that got biffed to hear peoples stupid ignorant bs comments all the time.a@@holelitis i love it!:D

01-10-14, 10:18 PM
That must really suck. I'm still trying to work out what is related to mental illness and what is just normal behaviour. I can get upset and it will just make me flip into another mood. I can be happy and then I just spent $600,000. So I can barely tell what is bipolar and what is not. Or whatever it is that gives me such intense moods. You're not allowed to say borderline because you're not my doctor.

When it comes to dealing with my sister though sometimes I tend to take what she says during her moods too personally and then suddenly she's better and has completely forgotten about what she said or doesn't feel that way anymore. I do the same thing.

So what I'm saying is it's very hard for the observer to know what is bipolar and what is not. What if they judged your bipolar symptoms as though it was your normal behaviour? You'd be upset by that too.

I don't think people judge me based on mental illness. When it comes to anxiety they do because I'm a complete mess but even when I go through depression they still treat me like it's something everyone goes through.

So really people will either think you don't have a mental illness and say you should be in more control of your behaviour/emotions or they think all your moods are because of your mental illness. You just can't win. It's like when I want people to acknowledge my autism and that I might need certain supports and then they start treating me like I'm incapable of doing anything on my own. Just can't f***ing win.

01-11-14, 03:50 PM
the trick is to own up to this MH stuff, and then not identify with it. It's kind of tricky bc, not owning up leads to denial. Identifying with it means not taking responsibility. Like I have all this experience with MI, like a lifetime, like MI is my middle name, but getting to this space where it is irrelevant.

02-05-14, 11:42 PM
My fiance has Anxiety. Her parents who honestly make me anxious to say some of the most f##ked up stuff to her. Last week they told her they were retireing and were anticipating her failing at life and living in their basement or homeless. It also wasn't a we'll support you pep talk but that they didnt have enough to pay for her when she failed everything in this future they created and that she should apply for disability and give up all her hopes and dreams now. She is 20.

But ya if you tell your daughter every time you see them how bad her skin looks or hair or weight...then dont be surprised if she seems self conscious/anxious. Yet they only see her disorder and not her. Funny how common sense alludes them in spite of being psychologists themselves.

My perspective is her parents lost sight of their daughter because they only see the disorder. Also that understanding medication and any disorder requires having one yourself. This is why Albert Hoffman and Timothy Leary were proponents of psychiatrists taking LSD so that doctors could understand things like schizophrenia or general psychosis. The problem was though that many of them went actually crazy. It seems that most "normal" people who have not had any diagnosis are two steps shy of psychosis, depression and homocidal rage. My theory is that they need to dehumanize you and label you by your disorder lest they see part of themselves in you and therefore the propensity for being in a similar or worse situation.

The final point I wanna get across is something that a friend and psychiatric ward administrator told me whom has depression and treats it; was that smart people are more prone to have a disorder because they are less afraid to stare at whats obscure or strange and not be afraid. Because of this they have a tendency to dwell in darkness/obscurity because it fascinates them... but not be consumed by it. Because they go in looking for the truth of things. Other more normal people are afraid to see that and they ignore anything outside of their world that they dont understand.

So labeling is a cheap way of understanding and that if they ever had a small dose of reality or life outside their bubble, their world collapses much faster and harder than ours.

To summarize..they are the people content with santa claus, and people with disorders know santa is just a pedophile in a red suit and are therefore afraid, depressed or angry but we take medications so that we can look santa claus in his evil eyes and move forward seemingly enough with the rest of the world and ultimately get through life in this imperfect world with less impedement.

Well that is my thought on the matter, sorry if that seemed over kill

oh ya and this subject reminds me of the song 3 libras by a perfect circle

02-05-14, 11:54 PM
sarah FTW!!!!!! :goodpost:

02-06-14, 01:19 AM
Well to me...looking at my sisters symptoms makes me get less annoyed with her. She's demanding and bossy about how clean we keep things. And she inconsistent. One minute yelling at you and the next thought you did the same thing she don't mind. I know it's her OCD and bipolar. If I didn't see things this way well to be honest I'd see her as selfish and narcissistic. He keeps me up at night blaring in a drunk rage. And then she pounds the piano. Jesus Christ, think about other people for a change...

I need to categorize things to make sense of them. I don't even see myself as a normal person like everyone else.

02-06-14, 01:23 AM
Im not really a ***** or ahole, I just have bipolar disorder:D

02-06-14, 01:25 AM
Its like maybe they cant help themselves act that way tho or they don't want to but the world doesn't revolve around 1 person that's for sure.

02-06-14, 10:13 AM
The people who are saying these things are simply abusive and are using your disorder against you because they perceive it as your weak point. If people aren't diagnosed with anything, then those persons will be: frustrated, not getting enough sex, jealous, PMS-ing or even have a mental disorder attributed to them, just to make their thoughts and opinions invalid and irrelevant. It's nothing but abuse, especially since it's bound to make the other person feel humiliated and snap.