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01-09-14, 07:52 PM
Let's see how long the story can be, just copy and paste what the previous person has and add on.

Here's the setting: It's John Wayne at the first thanksgiving.

"Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims" said John Wayne

01-09-14, 09:18 PM

01-09-14, 09:35 PM

01-09-14, 09:36 PM
omg, What a coincidence!

01-09-14, 09:39 PM
John Wayne? *smiles and introduces herself* Pocahontas. Hope you're hungry.

01-09-14, 09:41 PM
Then John Wayne pulled out his gun and turned on all the womenfolk in town with his deep, slow, sexy voice.

01-09-14, 09:44 PM
"Scorpions rock you like a hurricane."

01-09-14, 09:57 PM
He's lickin' his lips. He's ready to win. (

01-09-14, 10:15 PM
Yeah, John Wayne rocked generations like a hurricane.

Big masculine sexy man's man. Kinda like my husband. Who is way cooler than I am... We are probably equally cool and hot - at least for each other.

It works that way...

01-09-14, 10:38 PM
not so fast. tiger lilly starts doing gymnastics everywhere. Trying to get everyone's attention and succeeding as always.

01-11-14, 06:25 PM
then all of a sudden, an alpaca starts attacking tiger lilly, then two, then three, then there's more and more until it's an ALPACALYPSE

01-11-14, 06:28 PM
Tonto shoots the alpaca and invites everyone to a barbeque.

01-11-14, 07:45 PM
This includes the alpacas, who eat all of the food including the table, then out of nowhere SPIDERMAN APPEARS!

01-11-14, 07:51 PM
Bloody hell I just ditched batman!

Here comes the spider maaaaaan. Sigh

Baal Moom
01-12-14, 06:37 AM
Suddenly, again, out of nowhere, a cry is heard: "Confucius say, Spider White Devil fight, China Man float!" and there arrives avially, suspended on thick black wires (made in Hong Kong), Chairman Mao, bearing the Immortal Jade Sword of the Three Snowy Mountains of the Eternal Wisdom of Our Ancestors.