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Red Rabbit66
01-10-14, 03:54 PM
Hello, I have a few questions concerning add.
I'm currently a 16 year old male who has been diagnosed with add type 2, I took a vyvanse an hour ago. My first question is, how accurate is a diagnosis for someone? Secondly does anyone have dark thoughts, like impulsive thoughts you can't stop. Inappropriate thoughts, such as sex or something dark like that with someone you know. For example, suppose you are talking to someone you just met. A few seconds later while they are talking, you imagine them sucking your dick. A bit of a jump I know, but it's honestly just starting to creep me out. I also hate being judged. I get so paranoid like someone in a car is passing by me and I just hear a voice in my head saying something bad about myself. Also when I'm on medication I have bad and good days. Like today I feel great with the medicine, but other days I get very very critical. Maybe bipolar disorder? Also ever since I was a little kid, I also thought to myself, If I say I have a good day I will have a bad day. And vice versa. Sometimes it feels like I can predict the future without knowing it. Like I will have a thought about some random ****, and it will happen later. I gotta say, it feels very good to rant. Some of my problems seem to worsen when I am alone. I isolate myself because I don't feel as if I fit in. I'm very alone in this world. Ironically I hate stupidity, I have no clue why I just really really hate it. I tend to hold grudges for the longest times. I am often mistrustful of people. When I was younger people would often take advantage of my innocence. How is someone emotionally scarred? How does it happen? I'm sorry if I am scatter brained over this. I hope someone responds soon, but thank you for your time.

p.s I guess I just wanna know If someone else feels this way as well.