View Full Version : Math grade from F to C!

03-15-05, 08:48 PM
Levi has been in tutoring now about 5 weeks and his new tutor, who happens to be the math teacher he will have next year, seems to really understand how to reach him. I guess most of us have that one teacher in our lives that really seems to make a differance, I hope this is his.

I just wanted to say thanks for everyones input and support. I know that it may be short lived, at least untill he is out of his room, but in the mean time Iam basking in the sunshine!!!!:D Yee Hawww

03-16-05, 12:05 AM
<fieldset class="fieldset" style="margin: 3px 0px 0px;"> Can't have too many of these good news stories! Good on you for helping to make it happen. I wish someone had stood up for me like that.

I had to drop math after grade nine. I use math a lot now as an adult but it came the same way your child is getting it; with a good teacher!

Thanks for taking the time to share some great news. Success is so much fun isn't it? eheh
Cheers! Ian.</fieldset>