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01-13-14, 03:41 PM
So I've had ADHD for most of my life. I've been off my adderall for about a year now, and my symptoms are spiraling out of control. Lately I've been feeling extremely anxious and can't even sit through a 20 min TV show. Things that use to interest me just don't seem to attract me anymore, and I feel like I'm withdrawing socially because I can't control my thoughts. I've had a string of romantic relationships where the guy is amazing and I can't keep the relationship because I forget things or miss social cues, and can't express myself with words and just become very closed off.

So my question ladies is... Do you think this has to do with not treating my ADHD, or am I facing some depression? I have an appt with a psych this Friday, but I just wanted to get some feedback and talk to people facing similar issues.

01-13-14, 11:44 PM
I think depression is a prt of you not taking you meds. It's a cycle, ya know? Not taking ADHD meds means your mind is EVERYWHERE which leads to forgetting things, mind racing and even social anxiety and depression. Taking my Adderall helps me keep my mind under control and helps me focus which in turn helps with anxiety and depression.

01-14-14, 12:15 PM
natashiag, I agree with ShansGurl.

Without the meds it is hard to be consistant with anything. I am glad you are seeing a psych. I noticed you are from Raleigh. I am not too far from you. My psych is in Durham. The Raleigh Durham area has some of the best ADHD experts in the nation. I know mine is.

Please look into the ADDiva meetup for women in the Raleigh Durham area. Go to ( and search on groups. It is a private meetup. Just email the organizer and she'll give you access to the website. You will be warmly welcomed:) The women are all ages and it is a wonderful, safe place to find support and learn about how we tick as ADHD women.

There is also a private co-ed ADHD meetup (twice monthly). It is more structured and has wonderful presentations covering all ADHD topics.

PM me if you like.

01-14-14, 01:34 PM
Thanks guys! I guess some days are better than others. Just ready to get out of this funk.

01-14-14, 02:06 PM
do not feel bad today or in fact this week, oh wait its only Tuesday has been so irritating for me. I think its because I am not working so I may be bored. I go up about 30 minutes ago and moved my girls bunk bed around so they could get their room clean, left the dirty stuff in the hall, and put their clean pants up. No sooner than I think I want to do something, the idea sound boring within minutes or I just do act on it. Honestly, I wish I could find me a good attorney who could file social security for me and I would not have to think about working.

01-14-14, 02:09 PM
adhd meds are best taken everyday for consistency but Im sure you already know this. I think its the untreated adhd which in turn causes depression symptoms. Why did you stop the adderall?

01-15-14, 09:49 AM
adhd meds are best taken everyday for consistency but Im sure you already know this. I think its the untreated adhd which in turn causes depression symptoms. Why did you stop the adderall?

I stopped for many reasons. Adderall is very expensive for someone who doesn't have insurance, but on the other hand when off it I make very expensive mistakes HAHAHA... I also stopped because I stopped going to school and worked in an extremely fast paced sales environment were my ADHD was like a major plus because I could run around and talk faster than anyone else :D. Now I'm working a desk job and I'm more depressed than ever. Everyday is a struggle, and I'm not getting enough stimulation during the work day. So instead of going home exhausted I get really restless, and you would think keeping myself busy would calm me down... but I get really unproductive because I just walk and talk myself in circles.

I'm also trying to quit smoking.... HAHAHAHAHAHA that's not working very well at all.