View Full Version : A Poem: Can't Sleep

01-13-14, 09:22 PM
Just found a bunch of poems written before my recent ADHD DX...all makes sense now...

Canít Sleep
September 21, 2006

A single tear drops
down my cheek
and down
falls to the abyss
I wish the world would just stop for a second
one second
so I can just take a breath
and catch up
because its all moving too fast
and I am just standing still
just standing still
I pour a glass of wine
not to relax and reflect
but to pause and forget
so I sip more wine
and I drink it down
and down
to the abyss
thinking maybe if I sip enough
one more sip
I can make it all slow down
make it stop
and I can catch up
I slow down
but I donít stop
and the world keeps moving
despite me
to spite me
I stretch my arms
and reach
grasp at nothing
nothing to grasp for
as I am just alone
and a single tear falls
and its landing disappears