View Full Version : Another PreDX Poem: Dumb Luck

01-13-14, 09:37 PM
Dumb Luck 2013

Yesterday seems so distant
All my yesterdays have unwillingly blended together
Into fractured smudges of truths and lies
Glory days and down, down, pound to the ground nights
Dirty beauty and gorgeous darkness
The greatest of mistakes and the most boring of good choices
I never tried racing to future, hardly
I remained so busy reflecting much too much of the past
And missed you and you and you
And you, all of you, may have never thought twice
My heart has been stabbed, stolen, traded, cheated, scarred
and resuscitated more than any one life should deserve
I have felt more despair than I would care to share
But I have had more prayers answered than one should ever allow to be asked
I have been angry as hard as I have laughed
I have loved far more than I have fought
I have stood up and been stood upon for what I believe
I have been loud and annoying
I have quietly cried alone through my sorrows
It is my life best described, I suppose
I have managed to fumble and stumble into then futures now present
I managed to trip up and fall into what I have always wanted
Without trying, without caring as I had counted myself out
I had stopped asking and had stopped believing in resurrections
The track never skipped a beat and the song played on
And I danced on, and on and on as I have always done and I always will
I set sail on a raft with no paddle, laid back anxiously relaxing a tan
Waves pushed and pulled and gently took me upon its path
I barely resisted as my worries begged I should
And her waves pushed me out and on shore, so but for my given instincts, I walked
I am so blessed with beautiful burdens now
I am so blessed that sadness has not come with all the sacrifices
I am never going to race to future
And I am never going to forget
All of my precious, glorious mistakes
I will continue to not push and not resist
All my life it has unraveled as it has willed