View Full Version : Poem: Fini

01-13-14, 10:08 PM

The clouds that cover
Dark and grey
Surmises the end of what began
So long ago
I can see it coming
The smell of aged prophecy
Reminds me of the beginning of time
When spring must have danced alone
And when those who came before where too ignorant
To fear the unknown
The auspicious ones
But they did not walk here forever
And now I believe to be witnessing the end
Then again so did the many who came before
When Springís feet became weary and forced rest
And Winter settled in
And it was the first sign of immortality
And we knew then that all things born unto this brilliance
Will leave
The prophets emerged
And spoke the Word
And all thought the sky would fall upon us
And they perished, returned to the earth in anticipation of same
So I see it gathering and screaming
I see the end charging to its place
No longer dragging its feet
Impatient and bored
Now ready to show its force
And itís just as brilliant as existence itself
To stare directly into it and know what it is
Calming yet frightful
And I want to go home
And hold to my earthly possessions
And not let go
Like a spoiled child not willing to share her toys
And I should demand that this cease
And persuade it stubbornness to even a slow
Of its inevitability
We are not done walking here
We have yet to destroy all the brilliance
We have yet to soak up all the sun
We still have time
So perhaps itís just a magnificent storm brewing
And this too shall pass