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01-14-14, 11:41 PM
I was diagnosed with ADHD in 7th grade, which was a living hell. My grades were terrible, and my parents kept yelling at me. Both my parents and teachers thought that I didn't care or that I needed to "Apply myself" (I ******* hate it when people say that one...). Next year in 8th grade, things seemed to click a bit more, and I was doing pretty descent (C's and B's with one or two A's). But then High school came. Freshman year gradually became worse and worse. Before I knew it, my parents were being just as unsupportive as they were in 7th grade. The only thing that helped keep my sanity was my weekly meetings with my school councilor (I forgot to mention, my middle school went from 6th grade to 9th). Now I'm in 10th grade (And now at the actual High school), and I've lost all motivation to impress my piers. And to make things worse, my friends started making fun of my ADHD, saying it's "over diagnosed" or "Doesn't exist", some of them even say "Maybe you're just an idiot". I'm so sad every single day, and it just gets worse and worse. I've withdrawn from my friends, family, and anything social really. I feel like no one is on my side anymore. I just need to get away from it all. I'd be grateful if someone else said they knew what I was going through. I just need someone to say they understand.

Thank you in advance

01-15-14, 05:14 AM
If these people you call friends are telling you that maybe youre an idiot than they are not friends, they are as*holes.

01-15-14, 09:38 AM
I agree with Sarah- and they're probably not very bright either, since ADHD is documented for such a long time and by some many scientists. I would expect a teen with Internet access to be better informed, but I guess that reading scientific studies isn't something most youths would do.

I'm sorry about your situation. Most importantly, I'm sorry that other aren't being understanding of you. I've went through hell when I was your age because I had depression, anxiety and ADD-PI- all undiagnosed! And I never received any help or support for that. All I can say is that being an adult is way better than being a teen.

01-15-14, 09:50 AM
let me just say this and I am not condoning violence but when I was diagnosed with ADHD (adult) a lot of ah moments came. In junior/high school people did not **** with me because they would get punched in the mouth. Crazy enough when you kick the *** of the loudest one, they either leave you the hell alone or find it interesting to be around you. I know you are a minor, but if you can get your parents to get you on meds and explain that it would help a lot maybe they will. If they are those people who believe you can do it on your own, then they may be setting you up with high expectations that may not be met. Do not let these kids see you cry it does not help, stand up to them, and then cut them off. I learned early on that being a loner is not a bad thing however having others who understand helps. Go to your counselor and find out if there are other ADHD kids in your school and start a study club with just them.

01-21-14, 11:46 PM
We get what your going though, in all honesty I just got diagnosed a couple weeks ago, and my life is still a figurative hell, but it gets better(at least that's what others have told me) you just have to remember that you are an amazing person who can still do amazing things, you may suffer more along the way then some of your peers but I promise you will make it though.