View Full Version : 4 months after official diagnosis (new member)

01-15-14, 08:33 PM
I have always epitomized what it means to have an unhealthy diet. When I say that, I'm not saying that I have always just kinda ignored what it means to be healthy. For starters, I have NEVER drank just water by choice. I mean, if I've been working out in 105 degree heat, then yeah I'll chug a water, but other than's always been coffee, sweet tea, and energy drinks. As far as food goes, I'm all about cheeseburgers, pizza, and anything fried...horrible, horrible diet none-the-less. The only greens I'll eat are green beans occasionally, and romaine lettuce only if it's smothered in ceasar dressing, cheese, and croutons. Haha.

Now, with that said, I'm gonna add a little more to my background before I get to my recent "diagnosis". I was the typical person/friend who was always messed know...being ribbed about having "ADHD". For 35 years I always just went along with the jokes, etc. I've always viewed the medical industry as a joke, and never took the time to even consider going to a psych of any type. A few years back, I was fortunate enough to land a job that not only paid a little more than I ever expected to make, but it it's just the epitome of "that job" you wish for. It also put me into a work environment that involved dealing with more people than I'd ever had to deal with...think "corporate" structure. Anyhow, after 2 of my superiors continued to make serious remarks about my attention span I decided to make an appointment with a psych. (ended up seeing a psychologist first, then on to a psychiatrist of course) I do/did not want to risk losing my job after all.

Fast forward to now. I started taking Adderall (20mg 1x daily), and it was pretty neato I suppose...but it really brought my unhealthy lifestyle to the fore. Don't get me wrong, I'm somewhat fit for my age. I'm not overweight, or inactive by any means. I just never went out of my way to eat or drink anything other than what I thought tasted good.

After suffering from Adderall induced dehydration numerous times, I decided to make some changes.

I took to reading up on forums such as these, and gathering other tidbits of information off of the intronets. I started taking magnesium, and vit D supplements. At present, and for the last couple of months I pretty much only drink water...something I never thought I would do. I also pay attention to what I eat...pretty closely. Even when I decide not to take my medication, I feel better than I ever have in my life.

I've read many horror stories about Adderall, and just wanted to post a positive one. It's not the be-all, and-all, but it can be very beneficial to those who suffer from the symptoms of what modern society refer to as "adult ADHD".