View Full Version : Trazodone or clonazepam for sleep and comedown

01-17-14, 09:47 PM
Is it better to take trazodone 100mg for sleep at night?

what is best for coming down at night trazodone or clonazepam

should i take both or one or the other


01-28-14, 12:53 PM
Ask your doctor, not some anonymous people on the Internet.

01-29-14, 01:34 AM
Low dose trazodone might be better than benzos.

It's very individual...

01-29-14, 01:52 AM
I take both!!!!!


01-30-14, 03:00 PM
I take 50mg traz; I was told to make sure to take it earlier, because I was getting groggy in the morning. An hour before bed has worked ok for me; dreams are very weird though, and sometimes I get more tension dreams than usual. However, those faded the more I started getting better quality of sleep.
Important note! Traz should NOT be taken on an empty stomach; thought it wasn't working for me, realized I was never eating with it. Ate some spagetti-o's with it to test if it would work better and almost fell asleep in my bowl haha
Keep in mind you should talk to your doctor about this and this is just my experience; I'm like, super short and struggled with insomnia since I was 6 so anything making me slightly groggy is enough to knock me on my butt.

02-05-14, 07:28 PM
Ive tried all the sleep medicines. Trazodone 50-100 mg is by far the best, and is superior to ambien. Trazodone has a short half like of 6 hours, so it will not cause a hangover like other sedating antidepressants like Doxepin, Remeron. Remeron was the strongest, you take it knocks you the F out, but it has a long half life. Ambien is a nasty drug that causes people to do stuff like sleep driving which they don' remember, it is just like Halcion that came out before it.

02-07-14, 12:32 AM
0.25 mg Klonopin (clonazepam) does the trick for me. Tried Trazodone but felt "foggy" headed next day. Too sedating for me...but you should try both.