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01-18-14, 05:53 PM
So earlier this year I lost inusrnace and, after five motnhs of attempting to cope, reasearching ways i could afford re-continuing my adderall prescription, and saving up money, i began calling doctors. i settled for one that had among the lowest prices and the soonest available appointment. as many other of the other drs he insisted upon an intital evalutation appointment that would cost in the mid $300s, (despite my prior 3 years of constant and successful medication with dr. references)and told me that, following that, i could have tri-mpnthly appointments which would cost $125 each. i explained straight off the that i was initially medicated for severe lifelong depression that none of about a dozen other medication had at all impacted until I ended up in the hospital, as well as a result of an add screening, though the former was obviously my primary concern (but I had received massive benefits directly implicative of ADD). I have always been honest and genuine about the reasons I am prescribed despite my potentially better judgement and this has never before casued problems. i also made clear my financial instability and that this was the reason ia sked about the apt. sequence/pricing.

after teh first apointment, he told me he was scheduling one for a month later. i asked about the priorly described schedule, and he said if all was well in a month we could maintain that. I told him I had been on this course of treatment for three years, and he told me this was simply the way he worked with new paitents, i didn't feel like fighting anything at that point.

at the next meeting we spoke and i mentioned some anxiety issues upon the drug wearing off, though also tol dhim that had initially occured when i first began it and had tapered off. he vocalized that there would be no downside to trying some sort of medication for that. i to some effect shrugged and agreed, and for the millionth time he asked about previous medicatipns ihad tried, mostly SSRIs (though not entirely) which had absolutely no mental effect and stated that the only thing I had peaked any interest at all i ntrying was anything concernig norepinephrine, . He was clearly unknowledgable about this neurotransmitter in deperession/anxiety but hid it well, so I told him simply that my brother had recently begun seeking medical treatment and mentioned one that helped him with stress and i couldn remmeber which, so the dr starte dlisting medications, and when he came to 'effexor' i said that i thought that was it, but-was clear i wasn't sure

so he says we can try it and prints off a bazillion pages of side effects, etc.
at some points before and after this decision I had reassured him that this anxiety would probably go away and I thought I would be fine and he sort of weaseled into saying that regardless I would have to come in next month. Again, I double-questioned him, but did not feel like fighting it

i go home, ask my brother abouth is medicated and it turns how although it was one he had treid (presumably why it sounded familiar) it was not the norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor he had mentoined, and he copy and pastes this one sentence from wikipedia which states that in small dose it only effects seretonin--and obviosly, you begin with small doses and also obviously, norepinephrine was not remotely the primary target. I left an intital voicemail and one two weeks later for the dr that i hadnt filled the prescripton but was doing better anyway.

At this third appointment the dr. apoglogizes we never got a hold of each other, so i finally explaim face to face that i never filled it and why, and he goes 'oh yeah, i probaby should hav etold you that’ (about the epinephrine. He had no memory of our prior appointment, not that this surprises that coerns me, I know he has many patients, but he said various things about the Effexor which made this blatantly obvious (ie. ‘oh I usually start people on it cause its cheap’)

So at the end of his appointment with no changes in treatment he initiates booking another appointment for the next month, at which point i question him. he says something like 'well, given that you had a case of depression it is highly likely there will be a reoccurrence.

this was such a ridiculous thing to hear. I explain (not for the first time) that I was consistently severely depressed my entire life and could not fathom not feeling that way utnl this medication. i had no reaction to numerous others, i do not even react positively to recreation drugs, and had been utterly miserably my entire life until the last three years during which I had have not felt that way once.
‘but we are not treating your depression,’ he tells me
I tell him that I am not depressed at the moment.
‘that’s good,’ he says. Then delves into ‘what happens when this drug stops working and when I am having to increase the dose and so on.
I tell him I don’t understand how this is specific to this medication.
He suddenly assumes a patronizing voice and lectures me about how this is how he treats, how he was taught to treat, so on and so forthe. Finishing, he said in an odd way t that i could find another dr. if i didn't like that --of course he knows tha tihave invested in him already, etc. and i am a little shocked as well as too unsure of my sitatuion to be assertive. And he is suddenly acting like there is will be no forseeable change in schedule at all.
and then as if nothing has happened he starts asking me if this day or that day is better.
I think for a second, then say 'um, wait.. isnt' that in like two weeks?"
“Huh?” he goes 'wait.. oh, okay, you're right, i dont know what i was thinking--hjow about this day?'
I guess ill never know if that was intentional, but even after that, while It is the 17th of this month he asks for the 13th of the next one. i dont know what i am going to do at this point and simply accept it. At this point he is suddenly calm, friendy again, as if nothing has happened, though i am obviously upset.

I feel hugely taken advantage of and stuck in this situation. This is a lot of money for me and I am incredibly stressed and frustrated about it. Do I seem justified? I have seen 3 pscyhiatrists previously in 3 different states, (the last in the same one as now) (and did not experience anything like it

01-19-14, 06:28 AM
Maybe I missed it but what was the name of the medication you were successful on? Its a fine line because on one hand you were clear about your finances and your hospitalization and on the other hand he has a duty to make sure he has you stable before spacing out your appointments. Are you sure he is just looking for a pay day and not really interested in making sure you are stable? He has to cover his own butt too. It was good to be honest with him.

01-21-14, 12:04 AM
Ritalin is the med I'm most successful on. Strattera was my least successful med, for reasons I probably shouldn't go into here.

He's spaced my appointments out, which is fine, because I do feel pretty stable. However, during my last few visits, I've mentioned feeling a bout with depression lately, and he goes completely mute... hands me my next prescriptions for Ritalin and Seroquel, and says "see you next time". The whole thing takes between 5 and 7 minutes.

When things are good, the 5 minute visits are fine. But when things aren't so great, I want the option of actually TALKING with him, so I can say "You know? Life is pretty f'd up right now, and I'm not sure how to deal with it". Just because I told him that I loathed Wellbutrin, doesn't mean I'm not open to taking antidepressants again... yeah, I feel like I'm not listened to when I go in there. Yes, I've considered maybe it's time for a new doctor.

01-22-14, 02:05 PM
did the person above just hijack my thread? and im on adderall. i understand that doctors can be iffy about prescribing it and the reasons why, but that doesnt seem to be the case here. in fact, it just seems like he is constantly trying to get me to try different medications (in addition to it) so that hell have an excuse to book and charge me for the enxt month. i didnt even realize it until this appointment when he just kept asking about meds despite that i kept saying i was doing realy good, and so at the end he even tried to get me to switch from IR to XR for no apparent reason

01-22-14, 04:07 PM
i settled for one that had among the lowest prices and the soonest available appointment

he told me he was scheduling one for a month later

he sort of weaseled into saying that regardless I would have to come in next month

he initiates booking another appointment for the next month

Ok two possibilities;

a) This guy is a joke and is miking you and there is a reason he had availability.

b) He's interpreted your situation and is going to try many anti-deps with you ( aka many more appts. ) before he takes even considers other possibilities.

Either way... you need to find someone else... this time go for the one with low availability ;)

01-22-14, 04:53 PM
Psychiatrist are the worst. He should be helping you not taking advantage of you.
I had a shrink that did something similar. I was more screwed up at the end of my treatment than when I started.

01-23-14, 12:23 AM
did the person above just hijack my thread?

haha- i had to do a double take there.

Do you have a GP? Since it's such a longstanding and documented regime, perhaps they would feel comfortable helping you to bridge the gap until you have insurance again.

01-23-14, 12:57 AM
If you tell a p-doc about your problems some of them just throw more medicine at them. Looks like you have one of these. He's not there to councel you so don't tell him anything. Doing fine thanks gimme my script.

If you need to have counseling, look for other resources, often there are close to free short term available.

03-29-14, 03:00 PM
yes to 'ginniebean', i started doing just that after the first two appointments, hich i thinkk he took as me acting like an addict.

i ended up deciding to look for another dr. at my last appointment when he finally straight out told me (well, i straight out asked)thati would have appoitnmentsmonthly always, i said i was probably going to be looking for another dr. he told me hedbook an appointment just in case, and he did the same thing--booked it was february 13 and he booked for march 10, so like 24 days away. my phone broke a couple days later and i lost internet, so i ended up not finding a dr, then sho up for the appointment (after sitting in an hour of traffic) and he tells hes not charging me--or writing a script. i am shocked, voice my concern/fear about withdrawel symptoms from suddenly stopping medication and he tells me he told me last appointment that he as doing this, which he obviously didnt, but what i could i say/do? the whole situation with himhad been so overwhelming. i just turned around and walked out in tears.

i am starting insurance again next month,finally, and literally callled every dr. within 20 miles that accepts it a few days ago, which was about 50, and onlly oneof them had availability. they dont have reviews or anything. so this is seeming like a cycle.

im trying to look into having a gp prescribe my medication, but i dongt have one right now and i feel like theres no way to assure that if i start seeing one they will be okay about prescribing my medication;