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01-18-14, 07:56 PM
Hi there,

Will Daytrana ever be available to Europe, please?.
While, or maybe if Daytrana is not as popular in the USA, may assure you it would be a great benefit to Europe.

Even as the people in Europe, the patients and doctors would find Daytrana a great medication, and it would be in general a great success.

Concerta for example, may be used by the doctors after Ritalin for example, but Daytrana would be perfect.

Europe has only MPH in "pill" form, and having Daytrana as a patch, would be great.

Please, and anyone else in Europe, please give your voice and opinion, would you like it available?

And with the launch of Vyvanse in Europe(other names in the EU), there were no problems with that medication, so Daytrana by far now would have no problems launching the medication in Europe.



01-19-14, 07:03 PM
Daytrana in Europe? ???

01-28-14, 03:08 PM
Daytrana would be GREAT in Europe.

01-28-14, 03:17 PM
I don't know much about Daytrana but more choice might be good.

01-29-14, 03:41 PM

Yes THANK YOU very much. And it would at least give Doctors and possibility patients, BUT mostly doctors to have more freedom, and it makes , WELL MAYBE just maybe could just might make it easier for them, with a more medication choice available.

They all are great Medications, Strattera now though on the other hand, OK but not balancing on both sides, ok look. DO NOT GET that comment about Strattera anyone as a statement, IT was only just my experience and view on it OK, sorry thank you.

Thanks FOR posting here.

Have a great day !!!

Thank You.

03-15-14, 06:55 PM
you can get daytrana via a private psych with the right qualifications (at a pretty high price) but as its just methylphenidate in my opinion the reasons for needing it should be more to do with remembering doses etc/convenience rather than the medication itself...daytrana is esentially a ritalin patch