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03-16-05, 01:14 PM

My name is Ruth Ann Harpur and I am a PhD student at the University of Southampton with Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke. I am researching parents and children's attitudes about medication for ADHD and would be grateful to anyone who can spare a few minutes to complete a questionnaire online.

Click here to go to the ADHD Medication Questionnaires ( If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me - all my contact details are on the website, or you can private message me through the forum.

All information you give will be completely confidential.

Ruth Ann

PS. My thanks to Draga and Andrew for giving me permission to post here, and I will of course mention the ADD Forums in my thesis. My thanks to all who help out! :)

03-16-05, 01:45 PM
Np, Ruth hope whatever replies you get helps you in your research

03-16-05, 01:48 PM
Nothing for ADDults? Too bad! :)

03-16-05, 02:02 PM
Thanks Draga!

Nothing for ADDults as yet itschaotic, but its definately something I am interested in, so maybe in the future... :D

03-16-05, 03:25 PM
I'll try and hold the horses. ehh Good luck on the rest.
Cheers! Ian.

03-18-05, 05:19 PM
Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. The responses have been coming in very fast since I posted here. Keep them coming :).

Ruth Ann

03-18-05, 07:04 PM
Well, I'm not a parent, and I'm born waaaaaaaay before 82, so I can't help you.
Nova (whose been observed too much already!)

03-18-05, 07:46 PM
Me too Nova ....way before 82 and not a parent....sorry.

08-11-05, 07:26 AM
I completed the survey but will admit to finding some of the questions confusing or not really fitting to our lifestyle.

Such as how many times a day does your child take their med? Koda takes his once a day during the school year but he takes it at bedtime to avoid some of the unpleasant side effects. It does wear off early in the evening but he's our kid we accept that he is going to bounce off the walls. :rolleyes: It helps that I am ADHD as well and thought bouncing off the walls was normal behaviour. :D

Children do not make fun of my son because he is/has ADHD or takes meds but rather because he has no ability to sit still for a long period of time without his meds.

He was put on Adderal his first time medicated and became very depressed and suicidal so I do worry that the Stratterra will affect him the sameway but we have had good experiances so far with the new med.

Um I think thats all that confused me lol

Good luck and please do keep us updated.

04-05-06, 03:58 AM
I answer your questionaire but i went to the child version but i am 18 why dont you have an adult with ad/hd version also (just an idea)

04-09-06, 05:24 AM
What ages do you want children to be for the parents this is.

There are no statements saying you are looking for parent of children between 6 months - 99 years / attending school boundaries of interests ( lack of better terms!)