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01-20-14, 01:55 AM
The emotional-behavioral coherence of organisms is fully formed in subneocortical regions of the brain - eg, just consider that physical PLAY, the most complex basic social emotion, persists after neodecortication.16

Both the emotional-behavioral and affective (reward and punishment) aspects of ESB are most readily obtained, with the lowest current levels, from the most ancient midbrain regions (PAG or central gray) rather than from higher emotional regions (eg, amygdala, cingulate, and frontal cortices).17

Cognitive working-memory fields concentrated in dorsolateral frontal cortical regions have a “seesaw” relationship with subcortical emotional-affective systems, so that their activities are commonly reciprocally related.18

- Human brain imaging of intense emotional experiences (anger, fear, sadness, and joy) “light up” subcortical brain regions, homologous in all mammals.19!po=2.00000