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01-21-14, 05:03 AM
Hey all - im sure this topic has been posted a hige amouimmenselyorry for repetition.

In the past I have struggled with noth bulimia and the anorexia. The anorexia lasted for a number of years but have been recovered for about 3 years.

From about half way the morning or year i noticed my appetite wasnt really strong, but still was eating regularly. For just over a month I have been trailing dex for probable adhd, ( psychiatrist has seen me fora many years and knows childhood history and suggested adhd - we both agree it is highly likely and she said a good idicator will be if find the meds are very helpfu).l

The medication has made a huge difference tointo thinking nive eatimy ability to organise myself and function better. I am only on a low dose of 10 mg extended relase.

The problem however i have read that adhd medication can suppress appetite. My appetite was slightly decreased for some reason a while before starting meds, but now I struggle to eat much at all. I will generally manage to eat toast and glass of choc milk in the morning however this can be difficult. i struggle to eat more than a few mouthfuls of lunch and dinner - sometimes can eat about a quarter to half. I will have one or two snacks sometimes during the day - which are usually highly sweet sugary foods - something, however I still am finding I have to force myself to finish even these. When I cook food Often the smell will seem to trick my brain into thinking I've eaten before ive started.

So.. im unsure of what to do. The medication is helping immensly - so I am reluctant to bring it up with psychiatrist. I have no intention of using medicatio to aid weight loss, but its tough for me to have people noticing I've lost weight - i handt noticed however can see a change this week. I am a healthy weight and have no real anxieties about eating - i quite enjoy it.. However eating disordered thoughts have risen a bit since loosing a few kg from lack of appetite. I know how terrible I felt while ill, and how.much it hurt those around me, so would bery much like to avoid slipping bad behaviours again.

Any advice on how to deal with a non- existant appetite would be very welcome! !

01-21-14, 06:29 AM
Hey... I know i'll never get close to knowing what you experience...

From someone without the complexity... eating has always been an afterthought for me...

On Dex... when the mind is occupied... or more specifically "involved".... I overlook eating... something in my body is calling out... but I ignore it often for too long... Most days i'll go reaching for a handful of nuts cause I should have eaten 1 hour or two ago, and I know I gotta keep the "brainfood" topped up.

So, I guess what i'm saying if that for me it's a necessity for mental function. or clarity.

As for the doing...

-Routines and task lists... where eating is a task but there is enough breathing space either side that it's not a chore if you know what I mean...
-Go somewhere different, a park, the balcony, spend 2mins just breathing... try clear the mind...
-Try'n learn to be mindful of the full experience... I was a chew and swallow kind of person... still am alot of the time... but I have also seen the benefits from slowing down and paying attention to the little things...
-The whole day pattern... excercise etc. also impacts my eating massively...

So, space, routine, pleasure all helped... Trying to break mid-task and eat is almost impossible for me...

01-21-14, 07:24 AM
also - first sentence: has already been posted * a huge amount of times already - sorry for repetition' .. stupid phone.

01-22-14, 10:58 AM
Ooh I know what you're talking about and I'm fighting the same thoughts. I struggled with Anorexia in my early twenties and have physically and ALMOST emotionally recovered from it. But the loss of appetite from medication and the ensuing weight loss is hard. It's a battle for me to not restrict again.

The one thing that keeps me good is my trade... I'm an (apprentice) electrician. I have to keep a healthy weight just to do my job. And I LOVE my job, wouldn't trade it for the world!