View Full Version : My photography :)

01-21-14, 08:08 AM
Hey, I thought I would share my photography facebook pages here, if anyone wants to see some of my work :)

I studied an Advanced Diploma of photography - commercial specialization, however after graduating found out that there isnt really much work out there, and is extremely hard to break into the industry..

I stopped taking photographs with my SLR for a year or two, and was just really burnt out and discouraged. However i'm now hoping that my enthusiasm for working with animals will also help with a new focus for my photography - Pet Photography. So far its been extremely enjoyable! Again though there is very little work for Pet photography (as an exclusive, stand alone thing), - so hoping it will tie in with other future work I do with Animals after finishing my studies.

01-22-14, 12:09 AM
Sorry about that everyone! misunderstood guidelines! oops :/ - I will upload my photos to a photo storage site and share link from there...will get around to that..... soon..ish heh.