View Full Version : What Are My Intentions?

01-21-14, 12:38 PM
This is highly disturbing me.

I'm so into thoroughly gaining a "big picture" of other's minds - the intricate details that makes them whole - it seems I have forgotten something important:

My own.


And what are my intentions?

01-21-14, 01:06 PM
I do that too, sometimes. I get lost in the bigger picture and forget myself in all of it.

01-21-14, 01:14 PM
i'm better with blueprints than details myself
and i think it's reasonable that one can structurally consider the other
more readily than the self
because we do tend at times to obfuscate ourselves from ourselves
unintentionally, sic. hehe

seriously though, having a mirror held up has always been necessary for me and that element of seeing self through the eyes of the other...or the gaze, as may be, can be invaluable provided it's trying to see and not just projection...which a lot of people have a hard time with the concept that others do not necessarily think or feel or process the way they do and so attempts at bridging to see the other are, in my experience, simply the other telling me about him or herself and not really seeing me at all.

i think the struggle is not uncommon is my point
and i also think that perhaps it begins as you did
with seeing that one's own self is where one is unclear

best to you x

01-21-14, 02:50 PM

Seeing how someone else has built their house can be a really useful guide for renovating your own.

It's especially important if you grew up in a house that was designed to make your life unhappy and difficult. That might make you compulsively collect pictures of nice normal houses designed by someone else, and think what it would be like to live in them. :grouphug:

01-24-14, 09:33 PM
Yeah thanks for the responses -

Agree with peri also very eloquently put

I want to understand others cuz the world operates by others and I don't "get" how things have come to be at times unless I figure out who and what mind was put up to it.

I would love for someone to be a mirror and analyze my inner mind

I have a blurry concept of my own mind - dimly outlined, not very accurately judged I'm guessing due to lack of outside objectivity and I have poor self-awareness (and its ever changing[mind] so I often wonder)

Outlining other's minds and understanding to the best of my capabilities their thought processes/learned habits/likely route of "action" and how they (appear) to view the world ,themselves, and understand reality it is very important to me....

Or maybe it's something I just do?

Understanding other's minds are important to know how to react

But of course it's impossible to really get in to one's brain (so I have to use observation and that comes naturally)

Why am I ranting about this....

If anyone is willing enough to analyze and dissect my mind
let me know, well I mean I don't just trust anyone - but based on observations (of my behavior)

but when it comes to chemicals changing against one's will it can be hard to define?

I think I'm also scared of what's in there I am terrified that underneath it all my parents have brainwashed something hidden deep and that it's malicious or disgusting etc.....