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01-22-14, 08:26 AM
I have been prescribed Attention Deficit Medication for the last year or so switching from different med to med accordingly. No matter which medication I have taken, it is always the same. I take the meds for a week or so, great-fine. Then after about 2 weeks, slowly but definitely surely, I notice not only the effects, but the duration of the meds which are designed to last 8-10 hours, only lasting 3-4. After about a month, the meds have a minimal effect and only last roughly 3 hours depending on how much I have eaten. When I tell my doctor about the medications lack-of effects, she looks at me skeptically, almost as if I'm not telling the truth, which makes me, a relatively good kid, feel uneasy.

My question is "Is this tolerance that I have normal/is it something anyone else goes through?"

On a side note, I'm in my early twenties, 5'8 170, muscular shape. I have always had a high metabolism, to the point where I almost have to force myself to eat(when not on the medicine) just to maintain weight. I can eat whatever I desire without gaining an ounce. When I consume alcohol, I have never had a hangover, seriously. I'm beginning to think that hangovers are a myth or made up for attention. Lastly, the effects of alcohol tend to only last 2 hours before making me feel sleepy. I only get "body highs" off alcohol, leaving my mental processes unscathed, leaving me with an INABILITY to make drunken decisions.

01-22-14, 10:54 AM
The alcohol you are drinking (a depressant) is probably counteracting the medication you are prescribed.

I was much like you in my twenties, until I wasn't. You are going to get hangovers, eventually.

And, please forgive me if I'm being insulting-I assure I have only good intentions, I don't think you're "mental processes" are "unscathed" when you drink. In fact, the alcohol is probably making you think you are handling it better than you are.

I don't know how much you're drinking, and I'm certainly not preaching abstinence only, 12-step treatment, but you should probably watch your alcohol consumption if you're having mental health issues.

I went to jail, had my license suspended for 7 years, lost good jobs, family, and good relationships all because I was self-medicating with alcohol and didn't even know it.

I only speak out of concern because I had EXACTLY the same attitude as you did at your age, metabolism and everything.

Also, if you don't want to tell your Doc exactly how much and how often you drink (I recommend this, but I was hardheaded at your age and understand the social draw and culture), I would abstain for a predetermined period and see how the meds react then.

Hope all works out, and you don't think I'm a preachy old man.;)


01-22-14, 05:00 PM
I appreciate your concern, I was just using alcohol as an example. In reality, I only socially drink once every 2 months or so.