View Full Version : A Grandfather's Fallacy

03-16-05, 10:34 PM
I suppress my tertiary thoughts so that you are not alone;
Your lavish fallacy smells of doom and I still digress.

Ethos and logos, forever at war; but not with you—You know all.
What complex terrain you have so sloppily put together for me,
To trudge, to get lost, to wander aimlessly, and listlessly.

I drown in your stagnant water of ill-founded reason.
It’s an awkward place which I have found myself,
Only looking at a reflection of what was and having no sense of self.

Pointing the finger and making arduous decisions, I am removed.
I am removed from your haste, your disdain, and whatever love you may have.

Morality has no place in your cold broken heart, only twisted logic and avoidance.

Forty two years of accommodation, decision making, and trust
Gone. As though it were only a dream. You refute your family,
Pushing us away, and hiding behind your new wife-to-be.

I’ll wait in the cold with open arms for you, I know you all too well.
What euphoria you may have and this family’s patience will soon be gone,
But I won’t. I’ll still be here, anticipating the day my grandfather returns.