View Full Version : Hypoactive sensory issues

01-23-14, 11:55 AM
Hello, I'm diagnosed with ADHD-Inattentive. I agree with the diagnosis. However, I do have sensory issues as well. I'm not hypersensitive, but hyposensitive. It's difficult to seperate fidgeting due to hypoactivity from fidgeting due to ADHD, but I see other signs that have to do with sensory problems I think. For example, I love to smell my hands, I find it comfortable to have something to play with in my hands, like a chord that I can twist between my fingers. When I daydream about something, pacing, and playing with a chord help me concentrate.

I have other sensory issues as well, which are a bit more embarrassing to describe(even though I don't show this behavior when others are around). For example, when I get extremely happy or angry, I have the urge to move my body (like jumping, shaking my hands, walking quickly through my room while my head is in the clouds).

I know this is all very common in people on the autistic spectrum, like people with asperger's syndrome. I got officially tested to see whether I was autistic, but it came out negative. I would be surprised if the test would show I'm (slightly) autistic, because I can stand routine changes (I don't have routines, lol), I understand humour, irony and sarcasm (and am able to enjoy and use it myself), and my preoccupations can change every day, so my obsessions are more accurately described as hyperfocused subjects than as special interests.

I've read that sensory problems exist outside the autistic spectrum as well, and it's common in people with ADHD as well, which seems to be in my case.

If there is anybody reading this with similar problems, then I have a few questions for you. What medication/therapy helped you? How can you know whether concentration, motivation and impulsivity issues are because of ADHD, or because of a variant of sensory processing disorder?