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01-24-14, 10:49 PM
Ahhh! I'm so irratable. I feel it from the inside out. This is not normal for me so I am highly sensitive to

. Normally my undesirable moods are situationally triggered and I'm good at pin pointing it working through it and moving on.

But this....I feel it in the pit of my gut. Almost angry. Definately highly HIGHLY irratible.
Like I'm an open wound walking around. My bf has been super patient, kind, and supportive. But I can tell it hurts him. I try and stay away from him when I'm like this but he says that almost makes it worse because he misses me.

Can someone please share an experience that u learned something from that could help me? or if not can u tell me a funny joke? II'm a scary monster over here. And I don't wanna be :(

01-25-14, 03:51 PM
Its temporary? I was told its very normal to be highly irritable to your surroundings. Also your baby will come out looking like his\her daddy. They say babies come out looking like whoever you are irritated at! It wont last! (((((Hugs)))))
Try singing a song to your baby and just think of that when you feel your irritation rising!

01-25-14, 05:52 PM
Trust me, I was a preschool teacher for 2 year olds and I knew a hormonal mom. She's a great woman and very very hormonal.

01-25-14, 11:38 PM
Here's something funny!!