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01-25-14, 12:29 AM
My new doctor felt this test would be very helpful for me. Tx resistant depression and a.d.d is my Dx.

I have not found an effective antidepressant and I'm having trouble with finding the right Tx for my a.d.d as well. I don't know if the a.d.d is treated correctly if the depression will lift entirely. One doctor felt that way, not all agreed on it.

Until the results come back, he took me off Vyvanse. My experience with it became very uncomfortable, so he put me on Quillavent, a liquid time released form of Ritalin. Reason being you can adjust the dosage easily and have more dose options.

He says this may be temporary as well. Lets wait for the test results. So I am on Lexapro for many years now, with many dose changes and now Ritalin.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge on this? if so,
how accurate is this testing? How deep does it go, only med metabolism or Dx as well? and if cortisol is tested, how can we be sure its accurate? if it's levels change often.

And if it is accurate and helpful, I would think its very useful in taking a lot of the guess work out of medication, trial and error. Then, why aren't we using it or hearing of it more often?

I know price and insurance may be an issue.

Thank you for any info.

01-25-14, 06:29 PM

a found an article

01-25-14, 11:06 PM
Thank you, I appreciate it.