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01-28-14, 03:42 PM
I have ADHD and IBS (for diarrhea). Anyone with insight to these questions or any advice on how to manage the two?

-I took adderall for 3 years before my IBS started. For the 1st year I did not drink or smoke (mary j). For the 2nd and 3rd year I smoked, still had no IBS and did very well in my college courses. Since my job now does drug tests I do not smoke anymore. As soon as I stopped smoking the IBS symptoms started. (Done countless tests, diets, medicines and holistic methods..still looking for answers)

-Since IBS, eating and stress are closely related, smoking is great for its calming effect and it stimulates appetite - ADHD deals with concentration, moods and behaviors so most ADHD meds are stimulants and usually side effects include appetite suppressant

-Are ADHD & IBS opposites w/in the brain/body? One work against the other? Smoking the counter for ADHD meds? Any links here or am I reaching for answers?

-Does adderall or vyvanse cause or worsen IBS symptoms?

-Tried concerta while I was still smoking and it was not as effective as adderall, not even close. Since my job does drug tests I do not smoke anymore. To try to lessen the IBS symptoms I switched to vyvanse. No difference with IBS and have to take a higher mg than adderall to be effective. Anyone tried a different medicine that still was effective for ADHD and it helped IBS?

Note: A doctors note for smoking will NOT fly at my job. At that point i would be looking for new employment. :( And I really like this job so thats deff NOT an option right now.

-With a double disability, what employment rights do I have???? I've done FMLA for IBS, but what else should I do to protect myself?? What resources??
I am scared of losing my job!! That stress is making my IBS worse too. I really love this job and just want to get better so I can work. But at the same time my body needs something to change.

Here is the background:
I'm missing a lot of work because of IBS episodes, not good. Recently I was approved for FMLA for IBS so thats good. But while I was applying for FMLA, I was written up for not calling in (IBS gets so bad I cant always get to a phone). The bad IBS symptoms make it even harder to concentrate, so of course I got a bad performance review (My first bad review and it was devastating, even more stress=worse IBS=worse ADHD...).

Im not 100% sure the ADHD meds make the IBS worse. Im scared to stop ADHD meds to see if it helps with IBS because my performance will SUCK! (if you have ever stopped taking adderall or vyvanse after prolonged use you know what I mean - Withdraws and ADHD symptoms going through the roof). Feels like I should take more to get my performance where it needs to be but when I try that I end up going home with another tummy ache.

Any med suggestions? IDK how much longer I can handle this but I will give it a try. Deff running out of weight to lose.

Any help or insight would be great!!

-Thanks All